I wanted to share this with you because it means so much to us! Our friends Phil and Heather Joel (Phil is formerly of the Newsboys) have 2 albums out for kids- and can I just tell you how much they have impacted our family? My girls know all of the books of the bible, the fruits of the spirit and several other scriptures from listening to their music! It is fun and cool and refreshing- we love it! I am so excited for the future of Deliberate Kids- I want to soak up all of their resources for raising kids! (They have 2 of the most amazing kids I know as well)
SO, they are doing a Kickstarter campaign to relaunch Deliberate Kids 1 & 2 and they have 11 days left to raise the money needed to relaunch. You can pre-purchase the albums and other fun stuff on the kickstarter page HERE. Please go check it out and support these amazing resources- you will love them!
They can tell you about it better than I can....so please watch this video below!!!

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