12 Great Articles for Moms!

I have come across some very interesting/disturbing/encouraging/convicting posts lately- so thought I would share with you in case you haven't read them! 

{HOLY COW...this article gave me a big wake up call- we are living in crazy times- knowing me, I will over-monitor- and I am okay with that! "Three Things You Don't Know About Your Children and Sex"}

{This article was good for me to read- I SO BADLY want to lock my kids up, turn off the TV, do a background check on every child that walks through my door, not teach them to shave their legs (because who wants to date a girl with unshaved legs...exactly!), beat the tar out of every kid who is mean to my kids...but this is a good reminder- at some point they need to live in the world and be able to make wise decisions on their own- so I cannot lock them up forever! (that does not mean they can watch most of the crap on TV though, haha) "Raising Christian Kids in an Ungodly World"

{I LOVE this- the prayers are exactly how I want to pray for the girls as they are in school "Prayer for my Children as they Return to School"}

{I am absolutely D.O.N.E. talking about, hearing about and most of all WATCHING that stupid Miley Cyrus clip from the MTV awards- must they continue to play it on every TV station and plaster it on the front of every magazine- HELLO, my daughters are standing idol in the check out line staring at her sticking her tongue out, wearing nothing and "twerking" Alan Thicke's son who is wearing the hideous black and white jacket.  However- I loved these two articles #1 , #2 Awesome!}

{Anyone who is pro-choice and finds this article terrifying (which you absolutely should) just needs to know that as the government legalizes something like abortion- this is the future..or worse.  I, for one, am terrified by ALL of it! "Two Minus One Pregnancy" }

{This was another great reminder for me during this season of "back to school" I really struggle because I would LOVE for my girls to go to a Christian School for elementary school, but it is just not in the budget- so I know this is where God has us- love this article as a great reminder! "Back-to-School Promises for Parents"}

{This is a great article for the "Mommy Wars" I am over the "judgement" and the "being judged" thing- I am FAR from perfect..and so are you! "Mom vs Mom- the War I Didn't See Coming" This is great too- good perspective! "Mom's When are You Going to Learn"}

{This made me cry my eyes out and hug my babies TIGHT!!! It also reminded me that even in the most horrible of times, God can do something AMAZING in you, through you and because of you..little old Y.O.U- I am hugely impacted by a family I will probably never meet! Sophie's Story}

{This hits right in the middle of my wrinkled forehead this week- Preschool Moms, believe it or not your child will have recess drama...in Kindergarten. It is nearly impossible to Shut Up...but this was a good reminder that I cannot control recess for my sweet girl- although...I would like to try! "Fighting the Urge to Fix Recess"}

{FINALLY...Would you please go on Martha Stewart and vote for Baldwin Denim for the 2013 Audience Choice American Made Awards- My brother works really hard on making an American-made line of clothing- I am a huge fan! VOTE HERE You can vote 6 times every day through September 22, 2013!!}

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