This past week was huge for my older brother- I mentioned before that he was named one of GQ's Best Menswear Designers of 2013, because of that, he did a line for Gap and it launched this last week. They also opened another store here in KC (on the Plaza)- it is awesome! Here is a little summary of the week for them and some of my favorites from the clothing line- I LOVE the clothes, it is really all I want to wear!

{This article was written about their whole story: PITCH}

{A video about his process designing the GQ line for Gap}

{The launch event in NYC: GQ}

{The Link to the GAPxGQ line:}

{He is everywhere- every Gap window (that carries the line) and billboards all over the country- including NYC (as seen below)}

Below are some of my FAVORITE pieces from Baldwin...HERE is a link to the Spring/Summer 2014 line, I love it all! The Baldwin pants keep their shape SO well- you don't need to wash them, the more you wear them the better they feel! (As previously mentioned I have a fashion philosophy- "price per wear" if you are wearing something for years and you wear it often- it is worth it to invest in quality items that you LOVE and flatter your body type. Jeans, handbags, sunglasses- the "price per wear" is nothing!)

{The L is my favorite- a super soft legging jean- truly flattering and easy to throw on}

{I LOVE "The Rivington" it is the perfect crop}

{"The Ten" is my favorite everyday jean- it is raw Selvage Denim, so it starts a little stiff and conforms to your body as you wear them}

{The Camo is awesome (I wear mine all of the time) Jay Z loves them too! :)}

{I love all of the T's and sweatshirts also- check them all out HERE}

{This is my absolutely favorite hat- I wear mine ALL of the time! HERE}

{The Men's clothing is awesome too- Dave seriously looks awesome in the jeans (he likes "The Reed " because he is extremely conservative)- You can see it all HERE}

{Here is a pic of Matt and I from the Grand Opening of their new store- I could not be happier for them, they have worked SO hard and God is blessing their work!}

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