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Here is the deal, I actually really like to clean the house- AS LONG AS I do not have the children in the house (see snowing quote- that is TRUTH!)- that doesn't happen very often. Dave works really late hours and often on the weekends, so I am constantly trying to find time to clean while the 23-mont-old is not hanging on my leg. Usually, I just clean while they watch a movie or something- but I do want them to learn to clean. The girls usually like to clean with me and I find myself dreading that. There are several reasons why I have not been good at letting the girls help me clean (in the past): 1) it takes 10 times as long and done half as well 2) I hate that they have chemicals all over them and they could possibly splash on them- so I have to stand with them the whole time (meanwhile delaying the cleaning of the rest of the house) 3) they usually start the job and then I finish it because I am not in the mood for whining...you get the idea!

SO...today...something AWESOME happened!!! I have been using Norwex for several months now- I even signed up as a consultant because I love it so much (I haven't done anything with it yet...but someday!). The beauty is, you can just clean your house with their cloths and no products (no chemicals)- a lot of the cloths have "antibac" in them- which traps the bacteria in the cloths and wont spread it through your house. I will sometimes use one cloth for the whole house! Anyway, Dave was traveling this week and my house was in desperate need of cleaning...DESPERATE! I handed the girls the Norwex Dusting Mitt and a Enviro Cloth (I like the little travel pack because it comes with 4 wash cloth size cloths, perfect for the girls) and I told them to go to town on their rooms. Here is the best part- while they were going to town....I could leave the room and work on my room! I wasn't concerned that they would splash a chemical in their eye or spill anything- they just used water and the cloth. I am telling you, they did an AWESOME job- their rooms and bathroom were spotless! I even taught them to do blinds with the mitt. The mitt is great because it doesn't spread dust at all- so they could do everything without spreading it around. Even Milly likes to wipe with the cloths (she wants to do anything the sisters do) and I was great with it..just water! I can honestly say- those who know me know that I am someone who is brutally honest about things, so I am not lying to you on this- my house has never been cleaner and it takes me 1/2 the time to clean it- seriously! (my whole house used to take me 4-5 hours and today I did the whole house in 2!) I am going to show you all of my favorite products..so far! I have saved so much on cleaning products I cant even tell you how these have revolutionized my life!

{This cloth- The Enviro Cloth- is seriously amazing! I use it on my high chair, bar stools, car, iPad, iPhone, computer screen, kitchen counters, bathrooms, tables, windows, hands, face- you name it! It is awesome dry for a lot of those things and when it is wet, it traps bacteria- so it is great for other things wet. I clean my glass table and windows with one wet cloth to clean and a dry cloth to polish and they look so much better than windex or anything else!}

{The Body cloth is awesome, it gets every bit of dirt or makeup off of your skin and gently exfoliates}
{This mop is a little pricy to start but it is life changing for floors, walls, fans, etc.. It is super easy to remove the pads (velcro) and really easy to push. My wood floors used to take me 30-40 minutes to do and now they take me 15 minutes. The dry cloth is great for walls and fans and the tile mop is awesome too! You can just throw them in the washer between uses and they are good to go- just water!}

{The Bathroom Scrub Mitt is AMAZING on shower doors and tile- again, just with water! I actually use the dry side of this to do my mirrors in my bathroom also and it works beautifully!}

{This is the ONLY bubble bath that doesn't give my girls "bottom issues" (enough said if you have a girl- if you have boys, be thankful on this one!) Anyhoo...I have tried them ALL because we LOVE bubble baths! They have so much good kid stuff LINK HERE}

{I do laundry every.single.day (as I am sure you do too with kids) and I have been using the same bag of Norwex Laundry Detergent since June- it takes 1 teaspoon of this powder (the scoop that comes with it is too much so I have a little teaspoon I keep in the bag) my clothes are so clean and it doesn't have chemicals or a bunch of fillers in it- and you can really tell a difference- no "build up" on the clothes. This is really the only detergent to use with the Norwex products, other chemical products will break down the cloths- so this really is a must have. I LOVE it!}

I could go ON AND ON...If you want to get started, there are a lot of good packaged deals HERE- I am happy to answer any questions. I am so inspired today as I am sitting in my clean room and I just knew that you all wanted to know about it, haahaaa! Happy Weekend! 

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