Halloween 2013

Well, I suppose since I have a blog, I should share our Halloween pics on it, haahaa!
First- we made our FAVORITE soup tonight (my mom saved the day and made it because it has been a crazy week to say the least!) Here it is: (if you make it you will NOT be sorry!) RECIPE LINK HERE

Here are some pics of the girls today:
{Ellie: KU Cheerleader, Izzy: Rainbow Butterfly, Milly: Sleeping Beauty}

{KU Cheerleader- Her random glasses or "mask" was an excuse to use glitter- it is really all about the glitter and lipgloss!}

{She picked every piece of this outfit- she was determined to be a Rainbow Butterfly!}

{I loved this picture so I had to share- girlfriend LOVED Halloween...especially the candy!}


{Annual family picture- Happy Halloween!}

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