Thanksgiving Print...and Other Fun Prints!

As usual, my girl Maggie from LilyCole Designs has a Delightful print to offer you! I really wanted a print for my fall table that focuses on Thanksgiving- I like to focus on fall and "thanks" from Labor Day until Thanksgiving- I love pumpkins, mums, the yummy foods, the crisp weather, boots...and Thanksgiving! Halloween is darling for the kids...but Thanksgiving..that is where it is at for me! SO... Maggie made this darling print/notecards for me and has listed them so that you can purchase! Make sure to look around at her whole Etsy shop- she is so gifted (LilyCole Designs)! The "Give Thanks" product would be fabulous as a hostess gift- if you are joining someone for Thanksgiving, you could take this little treasure for them as a thank you. Maggie does a great job with presentation, you could literally just order them and take them with you- no wrapping or bow tying necessary!
Here are some of my favs:

Other Favorites:

{I purchase these TEACHER NOTECARDS for the girls teachers every year!}


{I am a big notecard fan- you can never have too many and they make the best gift because everyone can use them- THESE are delightful..or THESE..or THESE for boys...I actually like all of them- check them out!}

{Maggie has a girl and a boy (hints LilyCole)..so she gets boys and girls- which is fun (I tend to go heavy on the girl stuff for obvious reasons! Love THIS- she has dinosaurs, tents, footballs, baseballs, basketballs}

{I love the Bathroom prints: Sink, teeth, tub}

{THIS print is one of her most popular- love it! 

I could go on and on :) Make sure to place your "Give Thanks" order soon so that you can enjoy it for a full month before Thanksgiving because after that CHRISTMAS prints come out (stay tuned, I am talking Maggie into a Christmas print too!!!) Happy Fall!

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