The Gift Box: Over 20 Affordable Gift Options for Young Kids!

I have started a new "system" recently and I thought I would share it with you, because it is life changing...really! (You all probably do this or have a better system...but for me...life changing!) I have started a box that I keep in my office and I have a variety of fun gifts in there along with fun tissue, different colors of tulle and plain bags that the girls can write on (instead of a card- they decorate the bag). As I run errands or find a deal on Amazon, I snag items for the gift box- this way I always have a good go-to gift ready! When we have a party or birthday come up, we can grab various items out of the box that fit the person we are giving to. This is also good for "sibling gifts" when someone has a baby! Here are some ideas from my "Gift Box". (Friends, if you do not have Amazon Prime- you need to highly consider it!!! Free shipping on so many items and their prices are amazing. I order virtually everything on Amazon- clothing, shoes, make-up, cleanser, food, gifts, books..you name it! And you get movies, ebooks, etc.. so awesome! Check it here: Join Amazon Prime }

Some Fun Gift Ideas for my box: (I have a lot of girl ideas...for obvious reasons)

{It seems like every girl over the age of six wants Rainbow Loom these days- always to keep a couple in the box: LINK and the bands: LINK}
{These Sewing Kits are fun for young girls- LINK}
{Silly Putty is always fun (or play doh is fun to throw in): LINK}

{Kids love a fun notebook: LINK. Whenever I find fun notebooks, I grab them for the box!}
{I grab a big box of gel pens and wrap a couple of them up with tulle and put them in the gift bags with the journal! LINK}

{Everyone loves a slap bracelet! LINK}

{My girls all need water bottles at school, sports, road trips, etc.. we never seem to have enough! So cool water bottles are always fun! LINK}

Other Ideas:
>Melissa and Doug Reusable Sticker books (tons of them for boys or girls)

>>>What is your go-to gift?<<<

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