Shopping for Amazon Deals!

I am somewhat of an Amazon superfan- all of my friends know that I am a sucker for a Lighting Deal!
This is the perfect time of year to try Amazon Prime- 30-day free trial and 2-3 day FREE shipping- I seriously buy everything on Amazon. {You can sign up for the trial HERE (in full disclosure, I do get credit if you sign up- but that is NOT why I am telling you about Amazon- I really do LOVE it!):http://www.amazon.com/gp/prime/signup/videos?tag=-20}

My 10 Amazon Tricks/Suggestions: (#1 is my Favorite!)
1. Browse through items with your kids and "add to cart" everything they like (for Christmas or Birthdays or gifts for other kids). Then go to the cart and move the items to "Save For Later" - whenever you go back to Amazon (logged in) it will tell you if the items have increased or decreased in price. An example is, Izzy wanted this little Lalaloopsy doll and I added it to my cart at $9. I saved it for later and went on Amazon today and it alerted me that the doll had decreased to $3- so I snagged it for Christmas. 
2. The App is fabulous- you can be in a store and check Amazon to see if they have a better price. 
3. Subscribe and Save is the way to go- I get diapers, toilet paper, etc.. delivered to my door. If I don't need diapers or TP that month, I can just go on and delay delivery. I get a box of 152 Pampers size 4 diapers delivered to my door for $36.39 and if you buy them on Amazon one-time they are $45.49 Diapers.com is $49- $36.39 is for sure the best deal I have found- and they come to my door!
4. Lighting Deals!!! Yesterday they had Melissa and Doug and I got an awesome gift for Milly's Christmas at 40% off.  To find the Lightening Deals- look at the top of the Amazon Homepage and you will see a tab that says "Today's Deals" click on that and you will be able to see all of their flash deals. If something has "100% claimed", click on the "wait list" button- I was #250 on the Wait list for the Melissa and Doug toy and I still got it!
5. Check groceries on Amazon, I wanted to get some Coconut Oil recently and I went on Amazon and found a great 2 pack for a great price- again it comes to my door! (Because, apparently I need to put coconut oil on EVERYTHING: there are over 1000 uses HERE)
6. Beauty products are really affordable on Amazon- check your nail polish, face wash, hair products on Amazon before purchasing
7. Kids clothes and shoes are great on Amazon- all of the best brands!
8. Of course Books and Movies are awesome on Amazon- best prices
9. You can ditch Netflix and use Amazon for Movies and Books 
Join Amazon Prime - Watch Over 40,000 Movies
10. Here are links to their lists:
Shop Amazon - Black Friday Deals Week - Big Savings, No Waiting
Shop Amazon Gold Box - New Deals. Everyday
Shop Amazon - The Electronics Holiday Gift Guide
Shop Amazon - Holiday Toy List

Thanks to bed rest and Amazon I am seriously almost done with Christmas shopping- I am pretty pumped!


  1. Just in time for Christmas! Thanks for the great tips!!

  2. Jenica, I hope you are feeling much better! Thank Heaven your Mom was able to help with the girls!! I love Amazon.com, too!

    Take care!


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