Gift Guide: Boy Toys!

While I do have 7 nephews under the age of 10- I am not an expert on boy gifts! I do have 10 years of boy toy shopping experience, so I will add my thoughts in-but I asked some of my favorite boy moms for ideas- HERE YOU GO! (In case you missed my Girls Guide or Ladies Guide- check them out!)

{ LEGO (By far the most popular response- holy cow there are so many options!) I personally LOVE these modern Legos and this LEGO alarm clock for boys! My nephew wants the LEGO Advent Calendar, LEGO watches: Soccer, Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, Racers }

{We just received one of these Dino's that hatch- you soak the egg in water and watch it slowly hatch- it was all consuming for 2 days!}

{Land of Nod Tents: Rocket Ship, TeePee}

{Sleeping Bag: These animal sleeping bags are fun because the pillow is built in, Sherpa head, Batman,  Star Wars, Alligator, Camo, Spider Man}

{Snap Circuits: From My SIL: "Snap Circuits are fabulous- plus you're helping to build their reasoning and building skills, while preparing them for a future as an engineer or handy husband. ;) Once the master the Snap Circuits Jr there are a number of other kits that advance in difficulty"}

{Discovery Toys Motor Works-Again from my SIL: "The Motorworks Build and Take Apart Car, Plane and Motorcycle. This set of build and take apart toys really kept the boys attention for a number of years.  This started as a toy played together with a parent and then they learned to do it on their own. Very cool toy and very well made."} 

{MindWare : From SIL: "The Q-Ba-Maze will be joining our closet this winter. It's a fun building toy, but with the addition of a marble run. It's been played with at friends homes and the kids love it"}

{This is awesome- wish it came a few years earlier for my girls! PEWI Ride On}

3. Sports Jersey
4. Sports balls, sports goals, sports tickets, clothes/shoes…all things sports. My very "in the know" nephew wants the Nike KD PB&J shoes and all Nike clothing :)
7. Nerf : Rapidstrike, Bow, Disc Gun
8. Games: Rush Hour, Spot it, Sequence for Kids, Battleship- SO MANY! 
10. Viking Little Chubbies (for littles)
11. Sensory Balls (for littles)
12. Garbage Trucks: Bruder, Melissa & Doug, Trash Pack
15. Daily Devotional for Boys: Veggie Tales, Ultimate Boys Book of Devotions
*Of course, Electronics and Video games are extremely popular…but I am guessing you know that! 

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