Gift Guide: Friends/Hostess/Ladies

I am starting a series of gift guides based on my go-to gifts. I am almost done with my Christmas shopping, I start scoping out the gifts early and usually pull the trigger when I find a good deal. Milly's birthday is Nov. 30, then Christmas, then Izzy January 15, our anniversary is February 7, Valentine's day February 14 and Ellie's birthday is February 16. So we have 2.5 months of gift overload! One of my favorite things is doing a "my favorite things" party- where you bring an item (usually $10 or less) and do a "white elephant style" swap of favorite items. I have a few of these this year and so here are some go-to items for the girlfriends! (in case you missed my Amazon post- I get most of my gifts on Amazon or at least price check them there- I am obsessed with lightening deals right now- I just got Ellie an art set for 85% off on a lightening deal!) ok...moving on!

{One of my friends brought this hot number the "OPEN IT" to a "favorite things" party last year- it is AMAZING. It saves me at every Birthday party and especially on Christmas morning. It cuts those annoying plastic toy containers, there is a screwdriver for those tiny battery screws, a little knife for the dvd packages, tape, etc, a bottle opener- seriously, love it!}

{Coffee cups are so fun to give (because I LOVE a delightful coffee cup and you can never have too many of them) put a little $5 Starbucks gift card or a pound of coffee (depending on how much you want to spend) in them and wrap it up! Anthropologie has the best coffee cups (below are 3 of my favorites)!} 

{I love these Hair Ties- they are fun to stick in with any gift and everyone loves them! They do not crease your hair, they look cute and you can wear them on your wrist if you are not ready to throw it on yet! Plain Ties, Pattern Ties (These are great because they are in bulk and you can throw a few in here or there), Animal print, Sparkles- so many options}

{Nail polish is always fun- if you have a little more to spend a mani/pedi gift card is a delightful addition! So many options- Butter London, Essie, Dior, Marc Jacobs}
{My absolute go-to all year long is a candle! I LOVE candles- they make the whole house happy! I especially love Voluspa candles- I am a little sad at them right now because they stopped making my two FAVORITE winter candles (I even "tweeted" them about it, which I have never done!) but my new go-to winter candle is Branch Vermeil and my absolute FAVORITE spring/summer candle is Elysian Garden. I also love these Jacinta Holiday Candles!}

{Everyone loves yummy soap/lotion/bath gel- I have a few favorites: 1) Molton Brown Black Pepper Body Wash, Thai Vert Lotion and Thai Vert hand soap 2) Barr-Co Lotion, Barr-Co Soap, Barr-Co Bath Salts, 3) Pure and Good Hand Duo 

{A journal is always a lovely gift- whether they actually "journal" or not doesn't matter- who doesn't need to write things down?! 1) These are darling Notebooks and they come in a set of 3 2) Make a custom journal at May Books 3) This Jonathan Adler notebook is great. You can find these anywhere: Target, Staples, etc..}

{A lovely hand towel is a great gift! Again, you can find pretty towels at a lot of places- 1)Anthropologie has a lot of options 2) Williams Sonoma 3) Etsy has SO many (I love THESE below) 4)Crate and Barrel }

{You know I love notecards- to use and to give! 1) I like these from Etsy 2) Custom MayBooks cards 3) These vintage looking cards are pretty 4)

{I Love Joseph Joseph- so many fun options to give}
{My girlfriends gave me these Utensils last year and I use them DAILY!}

{The "nesting" line is awesome- you can choose from 5-9 pieces}
{Finally, you know I love Norwex! The Travel Pack of EnviroCloths is awesome because their are 4 cloths- you can stick them in stockings, etc.. I put them with coffee cups for an upcoming Favorite Things party! The Dryer Balls are also fun as a stocking stuffer, and lots of fun Collections that are fun gifts!}

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