Gift Guide: Little Girls

Gift Guide DAY TWO: I am clearly more effective giving advice for girl gifts- but stay tuned, I have some of my favorite "boy moms" sending in ideas for boys up next!! The idea of sharing all of my favorite gifts for little girls is overwhelming! Clothes, jewelry, shoes, toys, crafts...sheesh! SO, I am just going to share some of our favorite gifts/items for this year and from years past! Also, make sure to follow along on Pinterest I have a "gift" board that I will link more favorites to! {Click HERE for favorite books}

**Words of Wisdom: If your child is 0-3, purchase all of the learning toys for gifts. Opening the gift is more exciting than the actual gift at this point. You will buy learning resources anyway, so you might as well use them as gifts (flash cardsmagnetic letters, Preschool Prep videos and books, Bob Books, Scrabble Jr., Memory, Lace and Trace, etc..)

{When Ellie was 2, my parents got her the Rose Petal Cottage. Apparently that is no longer available (at an affordable cost) but this tent is pretty cool Pacific Play Tents Cottage House Tent - all three of my girls STILL love the cottage!}

{The girls so want the Seat Pets- this is a good one for boys or girls- it goes on the seat belt and the kids can nap on the pillow head, stick goodies in the pockets, etc.. They are nuts over these}

{Of course, the Rainbow Loom is the hit! My 8 year old nephew even likes to "loom" There are so many fun band options to buy- great stocking stuffers. Glitter, camo, glow in the dark, tie dye, gold, etc.. The Storage kit is awesome too! Why didn't I create this, shucks!}
{If you have a baby/toddler girl- prepare yourself- American Girl sucks you in young and then you grow with them...literally and financially! :) My girls LOVE their Bitty Babies and Bitty Twins- Milly carries "baby" everywhere! Now Ellie and Izzy want the historical dolls- I do love them because they have the outfits and the books, etc..!}
{Razor Scooters are big on their list}

{My girls LOVE their Plasma Car}

{All things Melissa and Doug I love their wood food, see and spell, puzzles, stamps, ice cream, lace and trace, make a face, jewelry and nail pads..so many options!}
{Of course, Disney! The movies, the gear! The girls SO want the Sophia the First Necklace- (it glows just like Sophia's), they LOVE the fancy nightgowns (also double as a costume, so that is good!), the costumes are all AMAZING, we love the shoes (Izzy wears them as daily shoes), of course the dolls, and the girls all have their own rolling luggage that they LOVE}

{My grandma just got all of the kids THESE Pottery Barn monogram blankets- they are amazing for kids or adults. Milly LOVES sleeping with her blanker as much as the other girls! I LOVE mine too! Other options are THESE or THESE- they are seriously amazing!}

{The Land of Nod is just Delightful! Just go look on their site and shop around- fun stuff! I cant even list all of my favorite things!}

{I also love AllModern- I could list many things from this site as well!}
{Ellie is REALLY wanting Headphones- not sure what she will use them with since she doesn't have any electronics, but she things they are fabulous!}

{If you have a little one, the Cozy Coupe is a great investment- if you have the room!}

{All three of my girls are obsessed with Dream Lights. These are great for babies on up! They have different animals, College Universitypillow pets..they automatically turn off, so that is fabulous!}

{What list would be complete without Lego Friends! Always a hit!}

{Ellie is really wanting Roller Skates- sounds a little scary to me, but whatever!}

Other Favorite Ideas: 
1. Anything Lalaloopsy
2. Barbie has a new movie out: Barbie and Her Sisters in a Pony Tale (we love all the Barbie movies: Fairy Secret, Princess and the PopStar, A Perfect Christmas, The Pink Shoes, Fashion Fairytale- we love them all!)
3. Calico Critters: there are SO many options with these- you can add on for years! 
4. Of course, Little People! Again, so many options
5. My girls LOVE this Art Kit- and it is a great price! I got THIS ART KIT for Ellie this year on a lightening deal- it just came and is AMAZING!
6. My girlfriend Amy introduced me to Shrinky Dinks- it is SO cool, Ellie loves turning her art work into jewelry! 
7. My mom got Big Hugs Elmo for Milly and it is such a cool toy- he really hugs! Izzy likes him more than Milly :)
8. To encourage reading the girls are getting these Reading Headlamps this year in their stockings- they can read in the dark, apparently that is exciting! 
9. If you have a little one and do not have a play kitchen yet- go ahead and get one now! My girls have been playing with our play kitchen for 6+years- it is a favorite of all of the kids. So many size and feature options available!
10. A Microphone is always fun! 

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