Fancy Rose Party!

We celebrated Izzy's 5th Birthday this week- she planned the whole party (we just had family over to celebrate- no "friend party" this year) it was fun- here are some pictures!

{I like to have one table for all of the kids- I just put two card tables together with table cloths. They always have fun! Here is the kids table}

(Izzy wanted chocolate roses at the place settings, she also wanted rose headbands for the girls (thank goodness Party City had them! I use the mason jar cups and lids for everything- such a good investment}

{The Birthday Girl at her table!}

{The Cousins}

{Ready to open gifts! She wanted to wear her flower girl dress!}

{I made her a "Rose Cake" It turned out really yummy. She chose the flavors and everything!}

{Here is the inside- vanilla cake, buttercream frosting (homemade of course :) and chocolate cake. I really do love making the cakes- it is quite a process but I do love it!}

{I made some cupcakes too- just with the extra batter and roses everywhere!}

{The Adult Table}

{AND…She got to go into my closet and pick out my outfit- she chose this "fancy gown" that I have not put on my body in 10+ years- not sure why it is still in there?! and silver heels- it was a humbling mom moment- I could wear a fun outfit that I would like…or make her happy by wearing the gown- so I sucked it up!}

There you go- it was a fun party! She felt special and celebrated and now….on to our 10th anniversary (2/7) Valentine's Day and Ellie's Birthday (2/16)! 


  1. Jenica, that is a beautiful party!! The rose cake you made looks like a professional made it - I don't know how in the world you made the roses. It is so sweet that you let Izzy pick out your dress to wear! Happy Birthday to sweet Izzy!

  2. Umm - excuse me - you look FAB in that dress! And please tell me it hasn't been 10 years!! There is no way I'm old enough for it to be 10 years since I was Dave's intern…


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