Orange Lips!

I have been reading everywhere (magazines, blogs, etc..) that Orange is the hot color for lips this spring (and now, if you ask me!) The good news is that other than pink...orange is my go-to. I have read from a lot of make-up artists that EVERY color is better when mixed with another color- so never just wear one lipstick, always mix. Here are my favorites: 

1. MY #1 go-to is Lancome "Rouge in Love #340" This is pretty bright and REALLY pretty when mixed with any other color- the problem is that Lancome doesn't have this exact shade anymore- which is devastating! They do have Coral in Love, Ever so Sweet & Madame Tulipe- either way, I really love this lipstick and there are so many pretty orange options!  
2. Trish McEvoy "Essential Balm, Gorgeous Coral" This is sheer and the downside is that you have to sharpen it. It is so pretty and "minty"!
3. Trish McEvoy "Flawless Lip Color, Coral Shimmer" This is a gloss, but it lasts like a lipstick
4. Revlon "Colorburst Matte Balm #210 Unapologetic" This is serious orange and serious Matte- I love it mixed with another lighter nude shade or bold and bright! It does not need to be sharpened, which is great! 

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