You may remember my Valentine's Day post last year HERE- I am not usually the type to be on my game for Valentine's- just as a reminder these are the categories I think most moms fall into (below)- 

The way I see it, you will probably fit in one of these categories: 
1) The "Catch Phrase"- You know the fabulous people who come up with things like "I Dig You" with a shovel attached- (see below) 
2) The "Crafty"- The people who spend 2 hours (exaggerating) on each card to make it perfect- they probably make 4 runs to Hobby Lobby and love every minute. They probably have kids who enjoy crafting it up with them! 
3) The "Kid did it"- These are those sweet moms who have no control issues- they let their kids create- my kids would love to have you as their mom some days!
4) The "I spent a LOT of money on this one Valentine"- I don't need to elaborate! 
e) The "I purchased this to look like it was homemade"- This would be me if I cared enough- how I love Esty for this reason! 
5) The "Healthy"- I LOVE YOU...I am always delighted when the Organic Bunny Snacks or apples come home- I can't say I ever do this, but I am excited when you do! 
6) The "Baker"- always making something delightful and homemade!
8) The "Non Candy"- I love you also! Little toys with custom little tags for each child- fabulous!
9) The..."AHH I have to run in and snag some Valentines for the kids"- we shlep 3 children through Target or Wallgreens and pick the Valentines that require the least assembly, get them home and hand each kid a sharpie and tell them to write their names on them. After 45 minutes of complaining and drawing everything on the card EXCEPT their name...mom decides to "help" and we knock the cards out, throw them in a Target bag and check that off the list of to-do's! (usually me!)

USUALLY I am a #9.... HOWEVER, this year I am a #1 and #8- WOOHOO! I am so proud of myself that I thought you all should get a sneak peek at our Valentine's- That's right- Glow Sticks ("catch phrase" straight off of Pinterest). I am feeling so crafty I might just go sew something (or not)!!!!

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