The Best Nail Polish!!

I am so excited to share this product with you all! First, I want to make clear that no one asked me to try this product- I simply went in to Beauty Brands desperate for a product that would help my manicures last longer and found it! I really like to have my nails painted..at all times... however, I have been fed up with them chipping every 2 days and looking horrible. Even when I have them professionally done, they chip in 2 days. I also do not like gels for the simple fact that you have to go back in and have them done, and lets face it, I am not in a spot where I can have a standing mani appointment! Anyway, I went in to Beauty Brands and decided to try CND Vinylux. It claims to last 7 days with no special light needed. I have heard that people love it, but I sort of expected it to be all hype! Let me tell you girls...it is amazing! It lasts without chipping (I would say 5 days for me, which is a miracle- I am so rough on my nails), it comes off easily, it dries perfectly (in about 8 minutes), the colors are awesome, it is super easy...I cannot tell you how excited I am about it (I know, first world excitement). {note, these are around $9 at Beauty Brands (same as OPI) however they around $6-7 on Amazon}
This is how I prep my nails:
1. Remove polish (even if you are not wearing any, wipe with Nail polish remover)
2. Shape nails as needed (with clippers or a file)
3. Push Back cuticles- I use CND Cuticle Remover with a Cuticle Pusher (wash after)
4. Use a buffer block on all of the nails- wash hands really well
5. Use the CND Scrub Fresh (this little bottle will last forever)
6. Paint on Color- 2 coats
7. Paint on 1 layer of the CND Vinylux Top Coat
8. Let dry for 8 minutes and you are good to go for the week!

Here are my favorite colors so far: (but seriously, there are so many awesome options)
+ Studio White
+ Cake Pop
+ Tropix

{Here are my nails after 5 very busy days}

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