Vegetable of the Week Club !

We have a summer plan for learning to like Veggies around here! I have a "food philosophy" (and I seem to be the only one in our home who finds this life altering!) it is this... "You have two choices when eating food- you can eat to fill your stomach or eat to nourish your body". In the end you are feeling full either way, but when you eat for nourishment it effects so many more aspects of your life! In a "Sunday School Mom Moment" I even relate this theory to TV and Music- you can watch TV and listen to music that fills your head with "stuff" or you can nourish your mind with truth, hope, knowledge, worship, etc.. ANYWAY...I am on a mission to get this crew to love veggies (and worship obviously!) so we are starting the "Vegetable of the Week Club"- here is the scoop:

Vegetable of the Week Club!

+ Membership to this "club" is included with room and board and is not optional!
+ On Sundays, we will venture to the store or Farmers Market and pick out enough veggies for the week (if they can last that long)- Just one kind of veggie for the week (with as many variations as possible of that veggie)
+ We will start with 12 Weeks- see our list below
+ We will prepare our "Veggie of the week" differently every day- (raw, cooked, with dressing, peanut butter, butter, cinnamon, cheese, hummus, blended in a soup...different every day)
+ On day 6 we will vote for our favorite preparation and "enjoy" that for the final day!
+ We are trying to grow several of the veggies in our garden- we are new at this- but hopefully that will help our excitement!
+ The ENTIRE family has to be on board (and by this I mean, DAD has to be excited about it!)
+ Let the kids come up with ideas for how to prepare the veggies- if they dip them in icing one day...fine. The point is, veggies are exciting!

This is our veggie schedule- obviously pick what works for your family. I am starting with veggies we like and working from there!
Week 1: Carrots
Week 2: Asparagus
Week 3: Broccoli
Week 4: Avocado
Week 5: Beets
Week 6: Cucumber
Week 7: Tomato
Week 8: Spinach
Week 9: Peppers
Week 10: Radish
Week 11: Potato/Sweet Potato
Week 12: Kale

I would like to continue this, but for now I have a 12 week goal!
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