Driveway Fun!

We love playing outside as much as possible. When we are not at the pool we are usually on our driveway and we are usually on our driveway with tons of kids! We live at the end of a cul-de-sac- so all of the kids end up at our house- which we LOVE! Here are 10 ideas for outdoor fun this summer! 

{#1: The water table is a great way to contain the mess! We like to fill it with bubbles- I use all natural dish soap so that they can cover themselves with it and I won't care- they find SO many things to do with the soap!}

{#2: We also use the water table for painting- we have a bunch of rocks or sea shells and they go to town with washable paint. When they are done- just add soap for bubbles and everyone gets clean! (see #1) We like THIS PAINT}

{#3: We love Sidewalk chalk- we do a lot of sidewalk painting with a cup of water and a paint brush. They draw their picture with chalk and then "paint" over it with water and it makes the colors so bright and it lasts a lot longer.}

#4: Driveway Games: Hangman, Tic-tac-toe, hopscotch, 4-Square- all you need is sidewalk chalk, a rock and a ball in the case of 4-Square
#5: The girls are obsessed with the Plasma Car- they go to the top of the hill and ride it down full speed- all ages love this!
#6: My girls love THIS bubble machine- we have tried several and this is the only one that hasn't broken on the first few uses (bonus is it dances and plays music). It it so much fun to have bubbles flying everywhere.
#7: Water Guns..of course! We fill up a blow up pool and the kids can refill the guns and have tons of wet fun! (I have 10-15 water guns in my garage just in case we need to have water gun battle at any time!)
#8: There is an area of the yard where they can take shovels and dig away in the dirt- they find bugs and worms and explore!
#9: Speaking of Bugs! We have bug houses, bug "suckers", bug tools... you name it- we are ready to study bugs at any time!
#10: Slip and slide- fun no matter how old or young- don't forget the baby oil to lube it up!

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