10 Current Delights!

I have been MIA for a while, life is fun how it takes twists and turns and we never know what the next season will bring! God is adventurous like that, never boring, always exciting..His mercies are new every morning and His grace is abounding! Since I am in a total rut, and by "rut" I mean- running around crazy without a moment to spare- I thought I would check in with a little update of some things that I think are Delightful right now...i.e. give you a little update!

1. What I'm doing: In June, I started working at our church part time. (www.visitgracechurch.com if you are in the KC area come visit!!) I am dipping my toe back into planning events and feel so blessed to have the opportunity to plan them for the church. Both of my passions colliding. Of course, it comes with sacrifice (my house, my family, my friends..all getting a little less) and I feel like I am wearing 20 hats, but I blessed to have the opportunity.

2. What is challenging me: Potty Training (enough said) there is no other toddler activity or phase that I dread more. I, frankly, like diapers- no matter where we are they can potty without me dragging them into a nasty public restroom! I seriously "h word" the whole process! But..we are doing it, we are all in! (and by "we" I mean "I"!)

3. What I'm excited about: I host a Bible Study (we call it "Wine and the Word") with the most darling girls and we are getting ready for "Children of the Day" Beth Moore's brand new study on 1&2 Thessalonians. I cannot tell you how excited I am to get back into a study!

4. What I'm wearing: 
+ These are my absolute favorite jeans right now, I am obsessed!
+ Laura Mercier released the fall caviar stick colors and I am in love with Copper. (thanks to Christina for this very expensive obsession)
+ I am in LOVE with RMS "Un" Cover UP and Lip2Cheek (totally organic and natural- JCrew models use this brand)

5. What the girls are wearing: Of course I love Crewcuts for kids but I am a big fan of Zara Kids right now- LOVE!

6. What I'm cooking: My godmother, Marsha, introduced me to Cindy's Kitchen Marinade/Dressing (I get it at Whole Foods) and I have been putting organic chicken breasts (from Costco of course) in the slow cooker for 5-6 hours with Cindy's Kitchen Fresh Avocado Vinaigrette- literally just pour a bottle over several chicken breasts and leave it for 6 hours then shred them with a fork and it is so yummy and can be used for SO many dishes. Really simple, which is necessary these days!

7. What I am now an expert on: Lice, that is right, I can spot a "nit" from a mile away! The first week of school our whole crew (minus Dave of course) had FREAKIN' LICE! I have never had lice in my whole life and it spread through our long, curly headed crew in no time. I am not kidding, it is the worst. I had to sit with the girls for HOURS picking those nasty little tiny things out- not to mention laundry, vacuuming, etc..we finally went to a "lice treatment" place and paid a small fortune for them to treat all of us. I did however learn a few things- 1)we use Tea Tree shampoo and conditioner every day (Trader Joes has a good one) 2) I would not use "Rit" or the other poison they sell at Wallgreens, I would go straight to the removal place 3) there are really great natural products- but nothing kills the nits- you have to remove them strand-by-strand 4)This Nit comb is the best- even if you don't have lice, you can comb through hair when kids have been at school or somewhere with a lot of kids and cloth. I pray with my whole heart we never get that again!

8. What I'm reading: I have been reading "Releasing the Ability of God through Prayer" by Charles Capps- it is fascinating, making me really think about my prayers and being aware of the words that I speak.

9. What I'm listening to: Holy Cow, I am loving Steffany Gretzinger, The Undoing. It is such precious worship with the Lord. I also love and have way over played Bethel Music, You make me Brave (Live) - "It is Well" just gets me!

10. What is rocking my world:
Wunderlist: It is the best App- I am a "list maker" and this lets me categorize my to-do lists and then check them off when I am done- so great for grocery shopping, when you grab an item it takes it off the list! AND..you can share tasks with friends or uhhum husbands!
+ Amazing Meal Powder: I make a morning shake with 1 scoop of this, 1 banana, almond milk (unsweet) and 1/2t Matcha Green Tea (see next)- I feel great and have lost some weight- I love that it isn't soy or whey but plant based protein! There are fun flavors but I like plain.
+ Matcha Green Tea Powder: My Brother and SIL introduced me to this- it is awesome for you. It is a bit pricy but lasts forever!

That is the scoop! I do actually have another post I have been working on- so it won't be another 4 months before I post! Happy September!


  1. This is going to sound like I am judging you but I am writing this for correction and not judgement. You call your Bible study "wine and the Word," so I assume you all will get together and drink a bottle of wine and read the Bible. The Bible speaks in many places about abstaining from wine and drinks so I don't understand how that combo works. Why can't you all just gather to do a Bible study without the alcohol. What if someone in your group is put off by that? What if the fact that you all partake in alcohol detracts someone from joining your study? What about the example this may set for younger women in your group or even your girls? As Christians we are to be in the world but not of the world. I am by no means a perfect Christian. I sin every day but I try to abstain from the appearance of sin, especially to those who are my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. Sorry to rant on your blog and feel free to just delete this after you read it.

    1. Thanks for your comment and boldness April! First, please don't picture a bunch of drunk girls watching Bible Study, that is not the case. I have done this "format" in several cities with lots of different girls and it has never kept anyone from coming that a few people share a glass of wine. Also, I reject your comment that it is the appearance of sin, never does it say having a glass of wine is sin (drunkenness, yes). We have girls who have a glass and some who dont- and it really does not seem to be an issue either way. The thing I have noticed is actually the opposite of your "concern"- that girls who would not ever attend the typical at-church, casserole eating study (which I love by the way) are willing to come to this study and through that they have gone on to love studying the word. I am pretty sure if Jesus was offended by wine, he would not have included it in his first miracle. We are a bunch of girls celebrating life and friendship and if we like to talk about the Lord and His word over a glass of wine or water I believe it blesses the Lord. Thanks for your comment- I know that it is not in the box- but the only scripture I see if that we should not be drunk, and we are definitely not doing that! I do not wish to argue with you- I respect your opinions and appreciate that the Lord convicts each of us differently- and good for you that you do not want to drink wine! Have a great day!

  2. I do agree with you that the sin listed in the Bible is "drunkenness." While I do not wish you argue either, I do think respectful discussion between Christians can be good and edifying. So I have to stand by my statements based on 1 Thessalonians 5:22. I think as Christians we are to set a good example and offering alcohol in any form at a gathering of Christians or non-christians is advocating it. Would we think less of our preacher is he was to be seen coming out of bar? I would hope not but those knee-jerk reactions would occur more often than not. I am glad to know that no one at your gatherings is getting drunk and that is has not been an issue for anyone.


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