New Year...New Beginnings!

I just looked at the blog and realized that I haven't posted anything since October! There is probably good reason for that, we have had to many changes and so much going on, I don't even know that I have opened my computer! It seems overwhelming to recap the past 3 months- I will just give you a snapshot and then we can move forward! I do have some cool stuff the Lord has shown me about change- can't wait to share it at some point! Here you go!

[In September, Dave was offered a job in Scottsdale, AZ (he was born and raised in AZ), after several months of praying for the Lord's plan for his job and our family, we felt like this is what He wanted us to do. Dave is THRILLED to be back in AZ...it is extremely bittersweet for me! I know it is God's plan for us, but I am not going to say I didn't kick and scream on the way (and maybe I am still kicking a bit!) This picture was from our 20+ hour drive from KC to AZ- (at least my AZ man was wearing his Jayhawk shirt in this pic!!)]

[Meet Duke! In order to make the transition easier for the girls, we decided a puppy would be the perfect idea to surprise them with when they arrived to our new home! Worst.Decision.Ever (for the mom- the others are thrilled with it)! I now have a 4th child and this one bites! I keep saying "no one should have a Milly and a Duke"! A three year old and a puppy is a bad idea on so many levels!]

[We made it to Arizona as a family of 5 (we lived with daddy in AZ for 2 months before the move) just in time for Christmas- notice the giant bags under my eyes on Christmas Eve- this move whipped me- new house, new schools for the girls, new puppy, new friends, new job for Dave, new emotions from the girls.... I have still not recovered- but I am forcing myself to get up and plug in...under-eye bags and all!]

That is a little snapshot of what we have been up to! We are getting ready for our 11th Anniversary next weekend and this will mark the 7th move in our marriage! I am hoping we can stay put for a while- I am getting too old for this mess! (Military wives....you are AMAZING...seriously!)

Happy 2015!!!

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