15 DELIGHTFUL Summer Essentials

Now that we live in Scottsdale, AZ I feel like I am an expert on summer products...because it is never NOT summer here! If you follow me on Instagram you might already know about a few of these- because I am passionate about them! Here you go...

1. S'Well Bottle- This gorgeous bottle comes in all different sizes, colors and textures. It keeps liquid cold for 24 hours and hot for 12! The stainless steel bottle also makes my water taste better- AND my girls love drinking out of them! I was at the zoo in 102 degree heat with my bottle, then I put it in the car and it was in there for the next 6 hours...and I still had ice cubes when I got it out! It is totally worth the cost!
2. Chloe & Isabel Bracelet - I wear this this bracelet all of the time! It is a lovely pop of color and goes with everything- dressy or casual!
3. Fresh: Sugar lip SPF 15: This is great for your summer lips, it has SPF 15, it plumps, it nourishes, it smells yummy, it is free from all of the "yucky stuff" and it lasts forever (unless your 3 year old gets ahold of it- mine is obsessed). Clear Lip Treatment or Tinted Lip Treatment
4. Coconut Oil I use Coconut Oil for everything- but I am loving it for eye makeup removal. My eye makeup is always hard to remove- and it gets it off and I think it has made my lashes stronger/longer. I rub it over my eyes (and usually my whole face) then put my face soap all over- without water (you know, the whole oil and water situation doesn't work) then I use a wash cloth and wash off my whole face. It is delightful!
5. Jo Malone Orange Blossom I know I have mentioned this before- it smells so fresh and light for summer! (TIP: If you go to the Jo Malone counter ask for a sample- or many samples, their sample bottles are little spray bottles and you can travel with them or keep them in your purse- they are fabulous!)
6. Stella & Dot Necklace I find myself wearing these long necklaces all of the time, I ADORE this one!
7. Cold Brew Coffee : I have been making my own Cold Brew coffee. The difference between "iced coffee" and "cold brew" is that iced coffee is hot coffee poured over ice and leaves you with watery/weak cold coffee. Cold brew just includes using cold water and ground coffee- you let it sit overnight or longer to "brew" and you have a yummy, smooth, strong cup of cold coffee. This recipe makes a concentrate so it lasts longer and takes up less space in the fridge. My non-iced coffee-drinking-husband is obsessed with the cold brew- it is seriously amazing! Here are a few products needed to make your own cold brew: Large Mason JarsFine Mesh Strainer, Cheesecloth, Ground Coffee (dark roast is best)
8. Summer Nails: Don't Bossa Nova Me Around this is my new favorite neutral- it sort of looks like silly putty!
9. Laura Mercier Baked Bronzer and Bronzing Gel - I have listed these before- seriously the perfect bronze. I don't love self tanner- it never looks right on me and I hate the smell- but these two products help even out a tan or give a glow when I need one. They last forever- the price per use is nothing! :)
10.  Trina Turk Cover-up: We go to the pool so much that I finally invested in a cover-up that I LOVE. These Trina Turk cover-ups are so great because they are flattering and they dry quickly.
11. Pants: I am OBSESSED with my new Baldwin Malibu Pants- they are such a great fit and can be worn casual or dressy. The material is not too thick but thick enough to hold up and not get saggy.
12. Mint/Lime Water: My new favorite thing to have around is fresh mint- I have a little mint plant and I love using it! I have been putting fresh mint and lime in a jar of water and serving it- it is so refreshing and so yummy!
13. Eyes: Caviar Stick in Copper by Laura Mercier- you know I love the caviar sticks, they are a no-brainer- you swipe them on and you are done. Copper is my favorite color of all of them! (my go-to Christina gets the credit for discovering these!!)
14. Striped Placemats: I entertain so much at my house and these are so great to have- they wipe clean and look good with any color theme I am going for- and they are CHEAP!
15. EOS Shave Cream- this is the best stuff for shaving- my legs are not dry or nicked when I am done shaving- I see a huge difference between this and the other brands. And...the bottle is pretty and it smells yummy...bonus!

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