A friend of mine sent me a message and asked me to do a post on all of my favorite things at Trader Joes, so it is with great pleasure that I write this! I love when people ask me for my opinion (!!!) so feel free to let me know if you ever want me to research anything!

For most of you west-coasters, this will not be that exciting. For my Kansas City people- lets rejoice together that Trader Joe’s has finally come to our city! When we moved to KC 3 years ago there was a major void in my heart…one that only the TJ could fill! I would go to Scottsdale 2 or 3 times a year and come back with my suitcase stuffed with my TJ essentials..and I do mean essentials! So, here is my list of favorite items- I love almost everything there so you cant go wrong with their return policy- if you try it and don’t like it…take it back!


  1. TJ’s A Midsummer Night’s Cream Moisturizing Cream- Extra Dry Formula, Unscented (body lotion)- best lotion ever!
  2. TJ’s Vitamin E Oil- as previously mentioned I squirt a dot of this in my hand with a squirt of lotion- rub it together and apply
  3. JoJoba Oil- any brand they have- if am having a dry skin day I put this on (read my thoughts here)
  4. Make-Up Remover Towelettes with Oats (Comodynes Convenient Cosmetics)- these are great to travel with- I prefer Lancome eye make-up remover for home- (nothing better), but for travel these are great!
  5. TJ’s Enrich Moisturizing Face Lotion (SPF 15)- this is great as a back up and my husband loves it because it is light and fragrance free- and inexpensive!


  1. Natural Peanut Butter- this is one of the few places I can find a jar of unsalted crunchy peanut butter. I think it is REALLY important to get natural peanut butter, they add so much salt and sugar to the other stuff. They also have sunflower butter (good for school lunches where PB isn’t allowed)
  2. Dips: Olive Tapenade, Torta (the one in KC just has gorgonzola torta, but they assure me the Sun-dried Tomato Pesto one is coming- that one is my fav), hummus (all are good, original awesome), edamame hummus
  3. Sparkling Lemonade and Pink Lemonade- beautiful bottles and fun for parties
  4. TJ’s Greek Yogurt- my kids love the blueberry, honey and pomegranate- they have great yogurt and Kefir
  5. Nuts- all are great, I love that they offer unsalted nuts
  6. No-Salt Peanut Butter Pretzels- all of their chips and crackers are good
  7. Dont even get me started on all of the chocolate yummies they have stashed around the store above the frozen food- Chocolate Cherries, Chocolate Espresso Beans, cookies…you name it- all good!
  8. Frozen Pizzas- all good
  9. Whole Grain Pita Bite crackers: I like to set these out on a tray and serve them with different dips on them- I will put hummus or tzatziki and cucumber on some, bruschetta on some (I recently added bacon with the bruschetta to make a BLT style cracker), brie cheese & green apple on some, torta, tapenade- you get the idea.
  10. Brie Cheese Log- this is really easy to cut up and add a slice of green apple with crackers- maybe drizzle honey- whatever you want- super easy and yummy!
  11. Probiotic Yogurt smoothies (they come in a case of 4)
  12. Carrot/Apple Crushers, Apple/Banana Crushers, Apple Crushers- Izzy loves these!
  13. Dried Fruit Strips- all are good, the organic ones (apple/strawberry, wildberry, etc..) just have 1 strip the larger strips have two- awesome for purse stashing- I pull these out at all times in a pinch- instead of snacks they get 100% fruit.
  14. All of the frozen fish and appetizers are great- really all of the frozen food is great! The frozen Blueberry scones are AMAZING. I also love the frozen steel cut oatmeal- you just pop the frozen oatmeal in the micro and it is great!
  15. Baked goods- their raisin bread is great. They have the BEST zucchini bread in Scottsdale but don’t have it in KC yet.

I could go on and on- if you have any favorites, feel free to comment below this and share! Our KS location doesn’t have wine, but the one in KC, MO does and it is worth it to check it out.
Happy Shopping!

NEW Additions:

  1. Cranberry Walnut Braid- (bread section) I am not the biggies cranberry or walnut person- but this is the best bread ever! Perfect for a party or just to have for yourself, although if you get it for yourself prepare for the jeans to be a bit snug because you will eat it all!
  2. Bruschetta in the jar- Trader Jo’s brand- it is the most delicious Bruschetta I have had!
  3. Chopped Veggies- next to the veggies in the refrigerated section- they have a little bowl of every veggie possible all chopped up- it is amazing for salad’s, soups, pasta, pizza…you name it- so quick and easy when you don’t have time for a ton of chopping.
  4. Frozen Mini Tacos- I like the chicken best and the frozen veggie quesadillas- easy in the microwave!

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