Mother’s Day: 25 Things I Would Tell Pre-Mom Me!

In honor of Mother’s day I decided I would jot down some notes to pre-mom Jenica. It was a fun exercise! 🙂 OH to have more wisdom and insight! I can only imagine what I will want to tell myself 10 years from now- Lord Help us!

25 Things I Would Tell Pre-Mom ME:

  1. Being a mom is a job…a hard one! Every.Single.Day.24 Hours
  2. You will have various bodily substances on you at any given moment…and not be bothered by it.
  3. Playdates are for moms…not kids!
  4. You better give the control up to God now, it slips through your fingers each year they are alive…and that is okay.
  5. You will have a mom blog- seriously, you are that girl!
  6. Your laundry will NEVER END- go ahead and invest in the high capacity washer/dryer and bulk detergent
  7. Give it up on the “no sugar” idea- just do your best to feed their heart/soul, mind, and body every day!
  8. You will have a whole new appreciation for your mom
  9. Do not judge other mothers- just don’t
  10. Do not be so anxious to “climb the ladder” soak up your pre-baby life and ENJOY your work
  11. DO.NOT.GET.A DOG!!!!!!!!! I loved those guys- but I spent a LOT of time and money being tied down to those animals!
  12. Save more money!
  13. Wear a bikini
  14. Travel- even if it is a series of weekend drives to nearby cities- just go!
  15. Read a LOT of books…for fun!
  16. Study The Word, get involved in a church, invest in people- someday you will have to get child care in order to do all of this!
  17. Volunteer in the church nursery or babysit for a friend/family member for FREE! Not all of the time- but enough to bless others!
  18. Purchase quality gear the first time- yes it might cost more money…but if you have more than one child, it is worth it.
  19. Go easy on baby clothes/gear for 0-12 months- it goes really quickly!
  20. YOU…yes YOU…will be a great mom! Just because you are not overly excited about other people’s babies does not mean a thing. Holding YOUR baby in your arms is completely different!
  21. Love and be kind to your mother-in-law! She has loved your husband a LOT longer than you have and she sacrificed and served for years to get him to where he is.
  22. Be prepared to ditch your plan…life will rarely go as planned with kids!
  23. You will be able to change a diaper, in 5 seconds, on your lap, with one hand!
  24. Your neat little filing system and color coordinated closets and tidy drawers and spotless car….well, RIP!
  25. You will know God’s love for you in a whole new light- when you experience Him knitting together this precious gift in your womb (PS 139) and hold that miracle in your arms- you will have a small glimpse of the extent of our Heavenly Father’s love for us. It is not like any other love you have experienced- your heart and soul is walking around outside of you and the only thing you can do is trust them to the only one who loves them more than you do.

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