What?! Huh?

I hope some of you made that chicken enchiladas recipe last night for dinner! If you did, tell me what you all think.

So, I am hoping starting tomorrow, I will begin the process of moving all of my children’s bedrooms around…ugh. We have decided that our son and our daughter are now getting too old to share a room so, we are moving the baby upstairs into our 6 year olds room and our 6 year old is moving into the bedroom our 5 year old and our son used to share and then our son is moving to the main floor by us in what is currently the baby’s room.

It will be great once it is all said and done but, ugh it is going to be a lot of work! I told our son that I am NOT going to repaint the walls in the main floor bedroom for him and he said he didn’t care so, lavender walls it is for him!

It will actually be a perfect bedroom for him and it is the bedroom he started in when we first bought our house. Had we known we were going to have 3 girls after him, we would have never moved him!

But, it will also be so nice to have the baby upstairs so I can shower now without waking her and my husband can get ready in the morning without waking her at 6am! My older girls won’t be able to play in their bedroom anymore as they would wake up the baby but, oh well, we have a full finished basement they can run around in now instead.

Us moving our son down to our level has also changed our remodeling plans AGAIN. We are hoping to remodel our house next summer and were going to have all 4 children upstairs but, decided it would be better to just have the girls upstairs instead. Then, all 3 girls can share the bathroom upstairs(that will be put in during remodel) and they can girl it up!

Then our son will get our old master….goodbye my dream den/family room with a fireplace but, oh well. Then, instead of making our main floor bathroom bigger, we will just put a small bathroom with a shower in our master bedroom instead…goodbye my dream whirlpool tub.

Our home is already just under 2200 sq. ft. but, with our remodel I think it will be closer to 3500-3800 sq. ft. which will be great for our family. We will definitely have the largest house in our neighborhood but, I think it will finally draw some new families and hopefully some developers into our neighborhood! Considering that our 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom, 2200 sq. ft. house is valued at around $200,000 and just blocks away in another city the exact same home on a very similar lot would cost between $350,000-450,000 depending on the block it sits on. So, we are due for some families to move in!

OK, I am back, sorry my children needed me. The baby needed her nap and the older children well, they don’t think they needed me but, I had to round them all back up and get them back into our yard. I have wanderers, they are all free-spirits that need to be reigned in once in a while.

Well I am so far off subject and so empty headed now about blog writing….sorry today’s was a bit scattered and really lacking a subject. It is hard to write and be creative with a baby sitting on your lap and you getting up every 10 minutes or so to make sure the other ones are making a break for freedom.

Blessings to you all!

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