Well I am back! lol. We have been up at our cabin a lot this July and we are planning on a long vacation up there while our son is at his first time ever of overnight camp.

So, for the rest of July, and a little of August, I will be writing only bits and pieces as computers are not compatible with cabin life…at least in our family 🙂

We had a great weekend up at the cabin this past weekend! We had a couple other families up there with us and it was a blast! I do long for the days of having our own cabin so we can have friends up whenever we would like and we can go up there whenever we like without worrying about who is going to be up there. But, for now, we are just blessed to have a place to go at all and are VERY grateful we don’t have to pay for any of it! 🙂

So, summer camp. Wow, our 8 year old son is heading off to overnight camp for about 6 days. I hadn’t been one to go to camp. My first experience with a week long camp was the summer between jr. high and high school when I went to a German Language camp and we were fully immersed in the language and culture. THAT was super fun!! I loved it and would have loved to have gone back but, it was super expensive.

This camp our son is going to is quite a bit different, well for one, there is no foreign language but, it is a Christian Camp and one of his camp supplies he needs to bring is a Bible. I love that. I am grateful that he will be surrounded by other Christians and will be learning about God’s love not only from his counselors but, from his peers too. I pray it will be a good experience for him.

I also pray he will actually participate in activities as that is always a 50/50 with our son. He tends to sometimes be a loner and very strong headed which, I have NO clue where he gets that strong headed attitude from with parents like me and my husband! (very big joke there)

So, as our 1st born heads off to overnight camp for the first time and his first time not doing a YMCA day camp, please pray with us that he will be safe, learn and grow, follow the rules if just some of them, have fun, grow closer to God and friends, and most importantly, not get kicked out…sad but, true fear on the mothers part here.

I pray my son will be understood and be loved. I pray he will fit in with someone and participate. Please let him participate!

I just want this to be a fun experience for him and I pray he won’t close his mind to the fun that could be had. He is a great little man and I know this could be the beginning of something so amazing for him!

Ok, change of subject here, I am giggling, I have been itching like a crazy lady the past 24 hours. I am convinced there are bugs crawling all over me as we have been up north and our dog I am convinced is covered in ticks however, I am so grossed out I will never check. Also, right before we left, our cat came home with fleas so, we treated him before we left but, I am certain(in my crazy lady head) that my house is crawling with fleas. Then, last night our 6 year old daughter had a centipede in her bed and she still doesn’t believe me that I didn’t put it in there on purpose. Uh huh, she actually believes I threw a centipede on her bed to scare her because I am mean…that is what she told my hubby last night. Great huh. By the way…really off the subject here, how sad is it that I only know how to spell Centipede because of the arcade game Centipede from when I was growing up?!

Ok…back to bugs. Then, on the way home from the grocery store this afternoon, I had something splat onto the top of my head and I very hesitantly put my hand up there convinced a bird had pooped on my head…instead, it was a bug caught in my hair. ICK, yuck, icky, eww! Of course, couldn’t say any of that stuff as all 4 children were around and I have to be brave mom. So I calmly..as calmly as can be in this retched situation! I calmly try and pick the bug out of my hair and finally I get it out and it flys away. I do not know what kind it was, frankly, I don’t care, all I know is I don’t want it around especially in my hair!!

And that brings me back to why I am itching and flinching and sort of grossed out right now. I am convinced there are bugs all over me, I am convinced I have fleas, ticks, deer ticks(that are all carrying Lyme’s disease), and a million other types of creepy crawly’s all over me and my house. OHHHH, forgot to mention the spider that was in my suitcase that my son didn’t tell me about until I had already zipped it up and put it in the car yesterday. So, lets just say…mommy hasn’t unpacked her suitcase from the cabin yet 🙂

Yes, I am a nut bag, I know I am crazy and yes, I will be one of those old ladies people are probably afraid of or that people think is very nice but, behind my back whisper about how a little coo-koo I am. It is ok, I am secure enough in myself to be able to handle people feeling I am a little nuts or missing a couple screws up there.

I would like to believe it is all part of my charm 🙂 Isn’t there any way I could make HUGE smiley face there? lol.

Boy, I wish I have been able to write, I might have to figure out how I can post things from my cell phone to blog because there are so many things flying around my head right now!

By the way…did you all know that President Obama is the first president to NOT attend the Prayer Breakfast since they started having prayer breakfasts? Instead…he decided to have hamburgers with some guy friends. Hmmm, are you all sure this guy is a Christian?

Anyway, just some food for thought for you all there.

Blessings to all of you and thanks for continuing to follow me. It truly is a joy for me to write to all of you.

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