I know a lot of people with kids are frustrated with their eating. My kids change what they will eat every day, somedays I wonder if they can survive on two bites of food in an entire day. I have tried everything; the timer, bribing, sneaking, threatening, disciplining...you name it! Finally, I have come to the conclusion that I am going to start fresh each day (if the Lord's mercies are new every morning, surely mine can be too!) and do my best to put nutritious food in front of my family and not stress about eating any more! The one thing I know my girls will do is, drink, especially if it is yummy and pretty! So, here are my smoothies for the girls, of course they do not like the same one! (sheesh) My two-year-old sucks her "milkshake" down as if her life depends on it, so I can pretty much put ANYTHING in there, which is amazing! These are also great to throw in a sippy with straw cup and take on the road if you are running late.

These are what I use as a "base"- I add ground flaxseed, spinach, mango, kale...you name it- but these always the base!

The "Izzy"
*1 banana
*1 individual greek yogurt and/or 1 cup of Kefir (any flavor is fine)
*cover the ingredients with milk
mix and serve
(I sometimes add cinnamon, or do plain yogurt/Kefir with natural peanut butter and banana, you can really add anything to this!)

The "Ellie"
*1 individual greek yogurt and/or 1 cup of Kefir (any flavor is fine)
*handfull of frozen blueberries and strawberries (or any frozen fruit)
*cover with 100% pure Orange Juice
mix and serve
(optional to add 1 scoop of orange juice concentrate)

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