Jenni Thomas

Fort Myers Mom Blog

I am a mom. A wife. I am not a child expert, I just write about what works for me- take it or leave it!
We currently live in the Fort Myers, FL area.
I work as a photographer for a local newspaper here in Florida.
I strongly believe in “real life”- you will not find me staging my house for pics- usually there is a big mess in the background. I will not “stage” my girls for this blog either- what you see is what you get- sometimes they will have messy hair and I am okay with that! Finally, I don’t really have time for perfect punctuation or MLA style on here- I just write like I talk and I am sure there are many typos- once I start being anal with this, it wont be fun any more- so I just try my best! But feel free to let me know about typos- I strongly dislike them! 🙂 (I also really like these little guys “-” “!”- way over used on here and that is fine with me!)
I really love bullet points
I have lived in 9 different cities- I am not a military child- just blessed to spread my wings and meet lots of fun people! (and eat in a lot of yummy restaurants!)

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