Totally Addicted!

I do not have an addictive personality, I have a lot of issues but that is not one of them! I DO however, have an addiction to Starbucks, plain and simple. I am a chip off the block because my dad does too! We were elated when we arrived in Arizona over Christmas and discovered that they now have the Trenta size for cold drinks- I have no idea how many ounces this cup is, but it is big, beautiful and delicious..Lets just say DELIGHTFUL! I am a simple girl at my starbucks; nonfat unsweet Late, Iced unsweet coffee with 2% milk, unsweet Green Iced Tea or unsweet Black Iced Tea (to all of you Starbucks snobs, I realize that is not the proper order of things, but it gets me my drink at the window!!) I also found that the Arizona Starbucks has Blueberry Oat Bars, they are the most delicious little bars of yumminess and my girls LOVE them! We had three delightful weeks in Arizona, pulling up to the window ordering and enjoying our fabulous Trenta drinks and Oat Bars, then reality hit. I arrived back in KC and went to MY Starbucks and proceeded to order a Trenta drink and Blueberry Oat Bar and GASP...they are only in some “test” markets...not this one. I might have choked back a tear or two (probably not, but whatever) and returned to my usual drink and the girls returned to their usual Lemon Loaf (which they only eat the icing off of). So I say to you Starbucks, bring the Trenta and Oat Bars to all locations, test complete, we LOVE it...and frankly, we need it! If you happen to live in one of these delightful test markets, well, good for you, I might just come and visit! 

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