Happy Halloween: "Candy Fest"

Just wanted to check in and tell you that I hope you all had fun on Halloween. I don't love this holiday (there is candy EVERYWHERE!), but I do love seeing my kids so happy! We had a fun day! I thought my little Halloween "Candy Fest" might give some of you an idea of what to do with ALL of that candy. I cant stand the thought of having bags of candy everywhere- I have to hear "mom can I have candy?" ALL DAY LONG! SO- here is what we do! 
We keep the bags on the counter in the kitchen- they get a candy a lunch and one at dinner- anything they want- for the days immediately following Halloween (if week days). Then, I wait for the weekend and we have "candy fest" on the Saturday after Halloween. I wait for the weekend so that it doesn't effect anything at school. The girls get their bags out- search through the bag and pick 10 of the BEST items in the bag and eat them all! They get to eat them all at once with a tall glass on milk and we have a dance party or something fun with "candy fest". At the end of "Candy Fest" the candy goes away (we donate it or whatever we do) and the bags are no longer laying around stuffed with candy. Of course I keep a secret stash of the good stuff but otherwise we go candy-free. The girls really love it and get excited for CANDY FEST! We really play it up as exciting! I have no idea how long that will last- but for now it is delightful! 
Here are a couple of pics from our Halloween:

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