Healthy Protein Balls- Perfected!!!

I have been trying to perfect my "Protein Balls" for quite some time! I used to add all of these ingredients whole and freeze them, however, they were always a little chunky to eat and my girls didn't love them. We have a darling little juice bar in town and they make the most perfect PB's so I have been trying to recreate them for myself. AND...success! Here is the scoop:

{I start with the following: Decadent Blend (chia, flax, coconut, cocoa), Unsalted Raw Walnuts and Almonds, and Oats- I put these in my food processor and blend until it is really fine-almost solid. Then I take that blend and add some honey and NATURAL Peanut butter (the only ingredient should be peanuts and salt- but if you can find one with just peanuts, get that. Trader Joes has a good unsalted PB) I mix it with my hands until it feels moldable. I then take my small ice cream scoop and dip it out like cookies on a tray. Finally, I add a unsweet cocoa chip on the top and keep them in the fridge. They are seriously AMAZING- the girls love them too! (optional ingredients: protein powder, coconut oil, coconut, other nuts, almond butter, etc..)}

{This is the result - I am telling you- they are so good and they really fill you up in a pinch. They also help with that 4pm sweet fix!}

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