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Hello, welcome to DelightfulMomStuff! Here is a little guide to my blog and answers to some FAQ's- thanks for stopping by!

  • I would love for you to click on the Facebook or Twitter buttons and follow me- that is the primary way you will receive updates when I write a new post. Of course you can receive email updates or follow on Pinterest or Bloglovin as well! I so appreciate your follows!
  • I am the mom of 3 girls (7, 5 and 2) I am not a child expert, I just write about what works for me- take it or leave it!
  • I am a non-denominational follower of Jesus Christ. We currently live in the Kansas City, KS area.
  • I say it on here a lot, I am not a photographer nor do I have time to edit a bunch of pics for the, I am just a girl with an IPhone!
  • I strongly believe in "real life"- you will not find me staging my house for pics- usually there is a big mess in the background. I will not "stage" my girls for this blog either- what you see is what you get- sometimes they will have messy hair and I am okay with that! Finally, I don't really have time for perfect punctuation or MLA style on here- I just write like I talk and I am sure there are many typos- once I start being anal with this, it wont be fun any more- so I just try my best! But feel free to let me know about typos- I strongly dislike them! :) (I also really like these little guys "-" "!"- way over used on here and that is fine with me!)
  • I really love bullet points
  • I have lived in 9 different cities- I am not a military child- just blessed to spread my wings and meet lots of fun people! (and eat in a lot of yummy restaurants!)
  • I have written two prayer journals- one for pregnancy, PrayerWithPurpose: 90 Days of Prayer for Your Unborn Child and one for children of any age PrayerWithPurpose: Passionate Prayers for Children. Here are some articles I have written about them: LINKLINKLINKLINK
  • I receive a lot of questions about babies sleeping through the night- you are welcome to comment or send me a message on my facebook page. I am not an expert but happy to help. Because of the volume of requests, it might take a while for me to can email me at {}


  1. I received your book "Prayer with a purpose for your children" - awesome! So glad I bought it before I give birth :)

    1. Thank you so much! I am so glad you like it! Congratulations to you!


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