TBT: School Stuff

This is my new Thursday post- TBT (for my mom that means: Throw Back Thursday) Since this was Ellie's first day of First grade- lets do a TBT!

1. Here is my Kindergarten post from last year LINK
2. Here is a post from my Aunt, who is a life long Preschool Director- might be helpful for you Preschool moms getting ready to go back! LINK

Here is a TBT of Ellie's 1st day pics:




AND.... 2013

{Poor child #3 was ripped out of bed- still sleeping- thrown in the car and then strapped in a stroller with a cup of donut and bacon and dragged through the school to walk Ellie to her class for the first day! }

There you go- it was a GREAT day! She loved every second! Hope you all are having great back to school also! PS Guess who Ellie's room mom is...Yours Truly! I am excited!

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