The Big 3-4!!!

Today is my 34th Birthday, I just love Birthdays- it is a celebration of LIFE!!! God-given LIFE!!! I thought I would share a little journal entry I scribbled for the Lord on my birthday (see below)- in hopes that it might bless someone or give someone a boost of encouragement today! XO

34 Years Lord, how can I thank you for this precious life you have given me? I am so grateful for the past- for the rough times, for the dark times, for the hard times- without those seasons I would not appreciate your grace, mercy, providence and the hope I have in You alone. Thank you for the precious good times- growing up in a loving family with everything I could ever want or need provided for me, for parents who worked so hard to provide for us, for pulling me out of my pit of sin and offering me redemption and an eternal relationship, for healing my daddy from cancer, for my amazing husband who I prayed so diligently for, for my sweet baby who is in heaven with you- because of him/her I appreciate my girls in a whole different way, for three healthy lovely ladies whom you have entrusted me with, for life experiences and jobs that helped shape the woman and mother I am. I am eternally grateful for the many people you have placed in my life- friends, family and foes- all have taught me so much about you and your perfect love. Loving easy people, loving hard people, loving mean people- points me straight to you.
I am extremely expectant and excited for the years to come- none are promised but I have so much hope in the plans and future you provide. I pray for you to reveal yourself to us in a new way, I pray for you to make yourself known on this earth, I pray that I would point to you in all I do, I pray that I would point my girls straight to you, I pray that I would not blend in with the world but be a shining light for you, I pray for our Country- that we would return to YOU, I pray that you will return- rule and reign on this earth. I have no idea where you will take me in the years to come- I know there will be heartache, I know there will be pain, I know there will be joy, I know there will be undeserved blessings- hard times and blessed times, I am excited for both. For it has been in both of those seasons that you have revealed yourself to me in a new way. Times change, people change, circumstances change, seasons change..You never do. My hope and strength remain in you all the years of my life. Show me how to serve others, to love others, to support others, to provide for the needs of others less fortunate than I am. May I reflect on my 34th year and say “WOW Lord, look how far we’ve come”. Thank you for this birthday, for another year of blessings and growth- I celebrate You and the life You alone have given me.

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