I am starting this Bible Reading plan from BibleGateway.com (see below) for Lent- Bible Gateway is my go-to search site for Scripture. I am going to read the daily Lent/Easter devotionals with the girls each day (see #2 Below).

There are several awesome resources on BibleGateway.com for you to check out:
1) You can sign up for daily emails for reading through the old or new testament- or both: LINK HERE
2) Sign up for Lent/Easter Devotionals HERE (I am so excited to start this!)
3) This is a great article of ideas of how to Observe Lent
4) They have a great Blog with awesome articles: Bible Gateway Blog
5) Finally- check out the FREE App- you can listen to the Bible, see a reading plan, take notes, etc.. so great!

Lent Bible Reading Plan (40 days) from BibleGateway.com

DayToday's Scripture Reading
Day 1Matthew 1-3
Day 2Matthew 4-6
Day 3Matthew 7-9
Day 4Matthew 10-Matthew 12
Day 5Take a Break
Day 6Matthew 13-Matthew 14
Day 7Matthew 15-Matthew 16
Day 8Matthew 17-Matthew 18
Day 9Matthew 19-Matthew 20
Day 10Matthew 21-Matthew 22
Day 11Matthew 23-Matthew 24
Day 12Take a Break
Day 13Matthew 25-Matthew 26
Day 14Matthew 27-Matthew 28
Day 15Mark 1-Mark 3
Day 16Mark 4-Mark 6
Day 17Mark 7-Mark 9
Day 18Mark 10-Mark 12
Day 19Take a Break
Day 20Mark 13-Mark 14
Day 21Mark 15-Mark 16
Day 22Luke 1-Luke 3
Day 23Luke 4-Luke 6
Day 24Luke 7-Luke 9
Day 25Luke 10-Luke 12
Day 26Take a Break
Day 27Luke 13-Luke 14
Day 28Luke 15-Luke 16
Day 29Luke 17-Luke 18
Day 30Luke 19-Luke 20
Day 31Luke 21-Luke 22
Day 32Luke 23-Luke 24
Day 33Take a Break
Day 34John 1-John 2
Day 35John 3-John 4
Day 36John 5-John 6
Day 37John 7-John 8
Day 38John 9-John 10
Day 39John 11-John 12
Day 40Take a Break
Day 41John 13-John 14
Day 42John 15-John 16
Day 43John 17-John 18
Day 44John 19-John 20
Day 45John 21
Day 461 Corinthians 15
Day 47It's Easter!
The reading plan is graciously made available by the Central Presbyterian Church of Baltimore.

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