Recipe Monday/Merry Christmas Eve: Baby Jesus Cupcakes

My cousin/friend Amy posted a picture of these darling baby Jesus cupcakes she made for her son’s class and I just thought you needed to know about them- what a perfect “recipe monday” for Christmas Eve! Merry Christmas Eve! Thank you Amy!

1 box cake mix – your choice of flavor
Cupcake liners – a must!
1 tub chocolate frosting
1 tub white frosting
Mini vanilla wafers
Chocolate graham crackers
Yellow sprinkles

Bake cupcakes and let cool. Frost the tops with chocolate frosting. Allow to sit for little bit so the frosting hardens a little on the top. Break up several graham crackers into quarters. Pour remaining chocolate frosting into a gallon-size ziplock bag and seal. Snip the bottom corner of the bag for frosting. Place two lines of frosting on either side of cupcake. Place two graham crackers lengthwise on top and angle them in to make the manger (see photo).

Now put the white frosting into a ziplock bag; seal and snip corner. At top of cupcake put white frosting creating some tips so as to make a “crown.” Place mini vanilla wafer at an angle. Swirl white frosting down the center of the cupcake for the body.

Sprinkle yellow crystals on the crown and the end of the body (Jesus’ toes).

This made 24 cupcakes.


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