New Baby: Notes from Month One and Two

I thought I would write down a few notes from each month (or two) with Milly- hopefully it will help new moms/moms-to-be sort things out. It is simply my opinion, every baby is different and every mom is different. I am just reminded of so many things with a new baby that I forgot from my older girls so I am documenting my random thoughts for you! I do have the baby supply list, which I looked at and thought: surely everything on this list isn’t “essential”- but I am quickly reminded that I do still love all of those things on that list with a new baby! Here is the list. newly updated!
Month One Random Information:

  1. You can never completely prepare for child birth- ditch that birthing plan or at least know that it is not going to go perfectly!
  2. Wipe Warmers really are delightful- they sound ridiculous, but at 4am when you are trying to keep your sleeping baby…sleeping, it is wonderful!
  3. I still love my Bugaboo for the bassinet feature- she can really stretch out and sleep when we are out for long periods. That being said- I now have 4 strollers I actively use- the Double stroller (LOVE the Bob), the Bugaboo, the umbrella stroller for travel (when they get older), and the “Click” stroller I can throw the car seat in while taking the kids to school- it really is extreme!
  4. is amazing for diapers- free 2-day shipping, great prices, free return shipping and they come to your door. On the diaper note- don’t buy too many of any size- Milly is already on size 2 which means she has gone through newborn size and size 1. One box at a time!!
  5. Go easy on the newborn and 0-3 month clothing- she is already on 3-6 month clothing. And buy 3-6 month or 6-9 month fancy clothing- she really only wears footed Pj’s (I assume summer babies would be in onesies) two piece clothing is really awkward for feeding and holding since they are so wiggly and socks don’t stay on- so footed Pj’s are delightful!
  6. If I was on baby #1 and was going to do formula I would be obsessed with this: Beaba Bib Expresso 3 in 1 Baby Bottle and Food Warmer it mixes and warms your bottle in one machine- so fun!
  7. I still “love” (and hate at the same time) my Medela Pump in Style breast pump- pumping is my least favorite activity- however it is necessary so this makes it easy. I was freaked out about borrowing or buying one from a friend- or renting- however if you have the option to take one from someone else- do it and buy all new parts- the machine itself is the expensive part and the parts are what you want shiny and new.
  8. With all three of my girls I have moved them to their crib in their room at 1 month, my advice to new moms- IF POSSIBLE- move that baby out of your room as soon as you can- you will sleep so much better and so will they. I believe at some point if you keep getting them up at the first peep it will condition them to wake up and eat at night. When they are not in the room next to me, I am less likely to get them up in a sleep induced trance, I can wait until they are truly awake and ready to eat not just making sleep noises. (I know it is a little emotional to move them out- but you won’t be sorry!)
  9. Febreze trash bags are amazing for diaper pails- worth every penny!
  10. Finally, I am reminded how AMAZING it is to have a newborn baby- yes, you are tired and sore, but there is nothing better- snuggling with your own baby is like nothing else! Each time I think, surely I won’t be able to love this one like the others, I dread the lockdown of a newborn- the naps, feeding, up all night- but when that baby is in your arms- it is worth every bit of it! Just an encouragement to new moms- you might be a touch nervous (as I was), but there is nothing better!

Ok- that is what I have for month 1 &2! Also, I updated the baby supply list (to the right) if you know of someone having a baby or are having one yourself- check it out!

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