The slow death of a bad friend…?

Good Evening Everyone!

Just a little FYI for you all, summer is almost officially here and if you live in Minnesota you know that is so treasured! It is filled with pool time, park time, BBQ’s, and cabin time. So, if I go in spurts of a lot of blog writing and then very little at all, you now know why.

So, Friday, we had our 3rd child’s Kindergarten graduation. We made it through, wasn’t too emotionally draining as we thought it would be. My daughter is happy yet sad at the same time. She loved her Kindergarten class, she loved her teacher, her new friends and really loves her school. It is hard for her to grasp not being able to see her friends every week and finding out some of them weren’t coming back well, that was a bit too much for her to handle I think.

I really should write more about that and how we handled it, how we feel about it and whatever, but tonight I am being jealous and taking ALL the limelight for myself. Yep, my blog, my time 🙂 Actually, I wasn’t going to write today, but thought of something to write about. See also on Friday, my cell phone decided to stop limping its way to the finish line of my 2 year contract and actually go full blown into a wheelchair and on life support. I have an LG Dare and it is mostly touch screen. The touch screen decided it didn’t like being touched anymore and quit. So, I can’t call anyone except for the last person who called me, I can’t get any text messages, and I can’t see contacts, play games or go on the Internet. (Insert scream here)

I can still receive calls, but if I miss the call, forget it I can’t even see who called!!! It is sad, pathetic and annoying to me….or so I thought. We went to the cabin this weekend and for the first time in years, I wasn’t checking my phone, playing games on it or checking the internet. I didn’t care that I didn’t have a phone, I didn’t freak out that I couldn’t talk to anyone in the car or anything like I normally do when I leave it at home or it is low on batteries. I actually felt free from that stupid appendage of mine!

So, tomorrow I need to order a new cell phone, I do really need to have one because we don’t have a home phone and my phone number is the one listed on ALL of the forms at the schools, camps, friends, etc. So mommy really should have a working phone however, I am now questioning what kind of new phone I should get. For those of you who are new to reading my blogs, or don’t know me personally, you need to know a few things about me here: First of all, I am not good at making a commitment, not good at all! Second, I don’t do well with change, period. Third, I ALWAYS am second guessing myself and my decisions, which leads us back to the first problem!

I thought for sure I was going to get a fancier phone, one that I could get email on, a smart phone? I thought I was leaning toward a Droid, I have been holding out hoping Verizon would get iPhones soon, but I just don’t think I can wait to see. The Droid seems a pretty logical choice for something fun and cool with lots of apps and such. However, one more thing you should know about me, I get overwhelmed very easily. I just got a new camera Thursday night and I still haven’t read the manual or fidgeted around with it enough to figure out all the options it has on it because I am scared I might screw up…oh yes, another thing about me, I so dislike making mistakes and being wrong! So, I am scared to get a new cell phone right after I just got a new camera fearing that I will either only learn about one, not learn anything about either, or just freak out and not use both of them. Yes, I know I am pathetic and that is ok, God loves me no matter what and so thankfully does my hubby. 🙂

So, after being unplugged all weekend and not really missing my phone or its Internet capability or my silly game I used to play every night in bed I am thinking of going old school. I am thinking of going back to just having a cell phone. A phone you just receive/make calls on and text and nothing else. I am thinking while all the apps, all the options sound nice and fun and I would like to see what all the hub bub about smart phones are, it was really nice being unplugged for the weekend. Plus, what the heck do I need a smart phone for? I have a computer at home, I don’t work, I am a stay at home mom with 4 young/younger children and frankly, I am finding the Internet and all it has to offer lately quite boring. OH NO~ could this be another side effect of Ritalin?! Hahahahahaha.

It would be so nice to be able to drop some of the costs down on our family’s cell phone bill. If I cut it down to just phone and text, I can save a pretty decent amount not having internet access on the phone, but if I get a regular phone, I can’t use the GPS locator on my sons phone and get texts when he has left a certain perimeter we have set up. What if I need to check the weather or the traffic conditions on the road? I don’t know I really don’t know if I see the point of having all of those buttons and gadgets. My husband really needs his Blackberry for work. He needs to be able to get emails and calls everywhere since he has clients. I get why he has a smartphone with lots of buttons and gadgets, but I don’t see the use in me having one.

Yuck, could I be becoming even MORE practical in my old age? I would love to be frivolous and carefree, but I think I might have been more of a slave than free with my current/almost former cell phone. I am starting to wonder if my cell phone is really an asset in my life, is really a good thing for me and my family or is it just a bad habit I need to break?

So tomorrow, I really do need to order a new phone. Am I going to go high tech or low tech? Will it be fancy or boring, touch screen or good old fashioned buttons. Who knows, unfortunately I won’t even know until the phone is ordered and paid for.

Any insight, tips or just advice surely will be welcomed with this post!

Blessings to you all and may you too start to question your friendship with your cell phone too.

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