The Transition: From 1-3

This is just a funny little post- I am seriously exaggerating- however, this is how I feel like my transition from 1-3 children has gone down (most days!):

Bed Time:
Baby #1: Bath, clean Pj’s, lotion and book every night
Baby #2: Bath, clean Pj’s, lotion and book most nights
Baby #3: Perfect- the Pj’s from last night are still on- off to bed!

Baby #1: No white sugar, no white flour, all organic and homemade
Baby #2: A little sugar never hurt anyone- fruit loops are great finger foods
Baby #3: Did I feed the baby any solid food today?

Baby #1: Laundry once a week on Saturday, put away the same day in the color coordinated closet with those cute little “size separators”
Baby #2: Laundry 2-3 times per week, delivered to the room the same day but not hung up or folded until the next day.
Baby #3: Laundry every day, we have no idea what size the clothes are because child #1 or child #2 at some point screamed about the tag and we cut it out- so they are all in the drawer together- if they get put away.

In the Car:
Baby #1: Fully strapped in the 5 point harness, shiny new carseat, double check the latch system at every oil change appointment to make sure it is secure, little hanging toys on the bar of the carseat to stimulate the baby at all times (and I spent serious time researching those little toys to find out which ones are best for development and stimulate as many senses as possible) oh and- good thing you have the mirror attached to the headrest so that you can see every move that happens when they are facing backward
Baby #2: Fully strapped in the 5 point harness, “where are those little toys again?”, “#1 tell me if #2 is okay”
Baby #3: #1 will you strap the baby in? What was the weight to turn them forward? Girls, hand your sister a toy please.

Shopping Cart:
Baby #1: Shopping cart cover- washed at the end of each day, first wipe the cart with the sanitary wipes, then cover over that (just to make sure) and a bag loaded with toys or snacks- just in case!
Baby #2: Shopping cart cover still ready to go- washed once a month but better than nothing!
Baby #3: Aww I bet the metal on the shopping cart handle feels good on her teeth!

Baby #1: Multiple Binkies fully sanitized in the little microwave sanitary bags ready to go at all times (2 in the car, 2 in the diaper bag, 2 at the changing table, 2 in the living room and a stash in the closet…just in case) If one drops- there is another one and a wipe to ensure no germs!
Baby #2: Oh…30 second rule- wipe it on my shirt and she is good
Baby #3: “Girls, grab one of those binkies out of your toy box and lets see if the baby wants one”

Diaper Bag: 
Baby #1: Beautiful new bag with all of the little “extras” (changing pad, bottle holder, pacifier clip) fully loaded with everything under the sun: hand sanitizer, diapers (labeled with the name just in case), wipes, kleenex, extra binkies, toys, snacks, burp cloths, nursing cover, swaddle blanket
Baby #2: Crusty bag with the same stuff leftover from baby #1 including burp cloths with the older sibling’s name on them, but left in the car most of the time
Baby #3: “Girls look way under the seat, do you see any diapers back there?”

Baby #1: Beautiful new clothing, many from loving family members so when she wears an outfit- we do a little “photo shoot” and send an email and a note to whomever gave us this treasure, never leave the house without the proper headband (because I will cry if one more person says- HE is adorable), and who cares if she doesn’t walk- the gold gladiator sandals are adorable!
Baby #2: AWW, remember this cute outfit- it is still adorable with the stain on it, #1 please stop ripping the headband off of your sister, I should probably put socks on her to keep her feet warm?
Baby #3: Shoot- I never changed her out of her Pj’s today- at least her diaper is clean!

Baby #1: Every gift has their name inscribed on it, and the date of birth, a tooth box, my first curl box, silver music boxes- all beautiful, all inscribed..all treasures! A full baby book- fully filled out with height and weight at each appointment, first giggle: got it, first roll: got it, first step: fully documented!
Baby #2: A few books with her name on it, a baby book mostly filled out- but never made it past the rolling over, “dont we have any pictures of her without her sister in it?”
Baby #3: “How much did your baby weigh at birth?” ummmm “When did she roll over?” Well, hmmm      -Someday she will ask “mom, why does all of my stuff say “Ellie” on it?- well….hmmmmm haahaaaa

Ok- there you go- I am not sure why I thought you needed to read this- but I had fun writing it! I just love looking back on myself with 1 child- I am convinced I was over the top! Good thing I am not having #4- can you only imagine! haha No wonder there are traits we have based on our birth order! I will say this…I ADORE all 3 of them EXACTLY the same!

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