A day in the life of a mom

Today I was able to enjoy a morning/early afternoon with my son at his school. It was so much fun! I haven’t been able to hang out at my children’s schools as much as I would like because of the baby and her nap times.

So, today was the day. My son had a field trip and he asked me if I would come along. Sure! So the baby and I drove there and met the bus. We were there for almost 2 hours and had a great time learning about rocks and how they are formed and all the different types of rocks and then we walked around outside and collected items to make soil soup for the trees.

I love the Nature Center, it is such a great place to learn and it is right in the middle of the city. So great. The baby had a great time there too. There were LOTS of big kids to hang with and one of them even brought a baby with and she LOVED that baby.

OOOOhhh….tornado drill! tornado drill!!! My 3 older people are all leaving their classrooms quickly but, orderly right now and having a tornado drill in their schools.

This will be fun to hear about when they all come home 🙂 I absolutely love to hear about their days. I miss my people when they are gone. I am very glad they get to go out there and experience things and learn and grow but, wow, it is a bummer how little time I really get to spend with them now.

So back to today. I hung out at the nature center, then the baby and I went to pick up some lunch and bring it to my son’s school to have lunch with him. We had quite the busy social day today!

So, my son was thrilled that not only did we get to hang out with him for 2 hours at Woodlake but, we had lunch with him too. Those are my favorite days when it all works out with the naps, field trips and lunch.

I am so tired though right now. Wow, who knew how tiring all that could be? I am trying to take a quick moment to myself while the baby sleeps and before children start coming home.

I have A LOT of cleaning to do and such as we are having company over on Saturday after the girls dance recital and before Seth’s spring musical at church.

Wow, heading into one of the busiest weekends yet for our family but, it only happens once or twice a year so, big deal. You just push, push, push and you will make it through.

I need to go relax and unwind before I have to wind it all back up again.

Take care and many, many blessings to you all!

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