Tool Time!

Isnt this fun- I love this "pop maker" for summer. You can put 100% juice in the mold and make fun pops for the kids without all of the sugar! I think it would be fun to add fruit to them also. You can check it out at Williams Sonoma.

Another fun summer tool is this cherry (and olive) pitter at Williams Sonoma. We eat a lot of cherries in the summer, but the seed is really annoying. So, this makes it really easy to pop the seed out and serve cherries- which are so healthy and yummy! (Here is an article about the health benefits of a Cherry http://www.whole-food-supplements-guide.com/nutritional-benefits-of-cherries.html)

One more fun tool that I use a lot is a biscuit cutter, and I have never made a biscuit! We use biscuit cutters to cut sandwiches into circles (apparently they taste better to the girls in a circle), we cut rice crispy treats with these, brownies, you name it! It is a lot easier to use than a cookie cutter because they are so thick and sturdy. I guess you could make a biscuit too if you want!

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