Introducing Jai from Lil' Rhae!

Hello! I am SO excited to share this post with you all- I pretty much begged my friend Jai to share her fabulous creativity with you! She is truly gorgeous inside and out (and has the two most adorable boys!) and I am nuts about the things she makes- as someone who is not crafty at ALL, I can really appreciate the gift God has given her. We are just in time for her Father's day shirts- Father's Day is June 16 this year (see shirts below). You can head over to her Facebook page for updates and send her a message to order!! My girls love their headbands- she has darling headbands for 4th of July too!  Here you go!!!

{Is he not adorable? This is one of the shirts Jai makes- see below!}

Hi! I'm Jai Tracy of Lil' Rhae clothing, and I am so excited to be featured on Delightful Mom Stuff. Isn't Jenica just awesome? She is one of the kindest people I know. I pretty much want to be just like her when I grow up!

Lil' Rhae is my little creative corner of the world where I get to design, sew and dream. I love bright colors and clean, simple designs. My studio is full of new and gently used t-shirts that serve as material for my shirts and accessories. I love upcycling. There's something so meaningful about bringing new life to an "old" garment. (Kind of like Jesus does with us, right?) Here's a little bit more about me:

1. Lil' Rhae comes from my middle name, Rhaeva (ray-vuh)
2. I started sewing about six years ago.
3. Five years ago, I dropped out of fashion school to have a baby.
4. That baby is now 4 years old. He has a 2-year-old brother and an incredibly handsome father to whom I've been married for 10 years.
5. Before dabbling in fashion school, I picked up an undergraduate degree in psychology and a graduate degree in journalism. Apparently, I like to take life's scenic route ...
6. I love Jesus. I love my family. I love creating. I am blessed, blessed, blessed.

Thanks for hanging out with me! 


Bible Study Night!

I wanted to tell you about our new Bible Study night! The girls and I just love it! I was sitting in church a couple of weeks ago and the pastor was talking about how he is discipling his son- he meets with him once a week for discipleship and Bible study. I thought to myself- that is neat, I cant wait to do that with the girls! Then I realized that I can do that now, just a modified version! Here is what it looks like for us! 
{As previously mentioned we have started a job board- it is going well, the girls can hardly wait for me to reveal their jobs each morning! I decided to add a day of the week on the job board (see below)- that day of the week is their Bible Study day. On that day, they get to stay up 30 minutes late and have Bible Study with me. It is different every week. Last week we sat outside with twinkle lights on and studied Genesis 1, this week we snuggled on the couch and worked on fun ways to memorize scripture}

{Our scripture for this week is 1 Peter 5:7- we looked up all of the translations until we found one that we wanted to work on (we just pulled up Biblegateway.com, for this one we chose The Voice- which is a great new translation) Here it is on our garage chalk wall}

{Speaking of, it is the end of school- look how our art wall has grown! I am excited to take it all down and start over in the fall!}

{We sang a song about the verse, wrote it out in our journals (I have them bring their journals to Bible Study) and ultimately this is what worked for Ellie- we drew the verse in pictures. I am sure the song will work best for Izzy, but we will see! Forgive my artwork- Ellie was impressed, which is all that matters!}

So that is our Bible Study Night plan, it is really simple and fun and gives me a chance to hang with the girls one on one, which never happens! I will keep you posted as we go- but you are welcome to join us on 1 Peter 5:7! 


Delightful Beauty Product Awards!

I always LOVE the magazines that give out Beauty Awards to their favorite products- since I have tried MOST of them (I have a problem where products are concerned) I thought that I might like to give out my own product awards! I worked at Neiman Marcus (in Newport Beach, CA) during college and that is where my love of makeup began! The ladies who worked with me were so mean they made me cry most days, so I would spend my work hours at the makeup desk! Ever since, I love to go "play" at makeup counters- or Sephora! I am quite excited about my awards- it has really made me do some extra "research" lately- which is a blast! Here we go!

My Awards for the Best Foundations:
1. Full coverage- yet natural looking: Make Up Forever HD Invisible Cover Foundation 
2. Best Drug Store Foundation: Garnier BB Cream
3. Best Event Foundation (special occasion): Dior Airflash
4. Best powder: Bare Minerals 
5. Best Tinted Moisturizer- Dior Hydra Life Pro-Youth Skin Tint (lots of people would argue that Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer is the best)

My Award for the Best Bronzer:

1. Laura Mercier Baked Face Powder- My friend Christina introduced me to this- it is so lovely! Seriously the best bronzer I have used!
My Award for the Best Blushes:
1. Trish McEvoy- She has the best blush that lasts forever and the colors are all so natural and lovely. My favorite spring/summer shade (looks scary) Peony Pink- but it is really lovely on!
2. Stila Custom Color Blush this also looks scary- but it self adjusts to your skin tone and leaves a really lovely shade- a new favorite!
3. Of course, good old trusty Nars Orgasm it looks good on everyone and it a staple! (I am not quite sure why Nars uses such raunchy names- "orgasm" "deep throat"- I mean, when I go in to get some with my girls I have to spell or whisper the names out of my own uncomfortable feeling!)

My Award for the Best Tools:

1. Of course...Clarisonic! If I would do it again, I would have spent the cash on the Big boy- Clarisonic Pro but I have the Mia and love it!
2. Along those lines...I think it is worth it to get the Deep Pore or Acne Cleansing  replacement heads- I try to take the head off after each use, I think it dries out better and doesn't get musty.
3. The Sonicare Toothbrush is a favorite for so many years! I can tell a big difference when I don't use it!

My Award for the Best Self Tanner/Body Bronzers:
I will start by saying, I am REALLY gun shy with self tanner- there is nothing worse than the "orange ankles" you know what I am talking about! However, I have found some items that are amazing! My #1 tip is exfoliate- I use a brush in the shower and it makes the biggest difference. I also dab a little lotion or oil on the rough spots (ankles, elbows, knees)
1. I really like Fake Bake Lotion, I use the Fair lotion most of the time, just to get a glow. I like that it comes with gloves so it spreads easily and doesn't stain the hands
2. I like Fake Bake Face - it is great for the face!
3. Laura Mercier Body Bronzing Makeup this is not tanner, more of a body bronzer that washes off- it gives the most delightful glow in a pinch- I used it in Dallas for my reunion trip and received a lot of compliments- it has a shimmer but not tacky shimmer. It is really lovely!

My Award for the Best Lipstick:
1. Trish McEvoy Lipstick is the best- never "bunches" it goes on glossy and lovely! A lot of them have SPF in them, so that is great too! My favorites are Vibrant Pink, Milan, Sheer Baby Pink
2. Nars Lipgloss- if you are a pink person you would love Angelika 
3. Trish McEvoy Essential Balm Lip Crayon- I LOVE this new product! It goes on like gloss and lipstick- its only flaw is that it needs to be sharpened- so you cant just throw it in the purse and leave it!

My Award for the Best Hair Product
1. Dry shampoo- Oscar Blandi Pronto Dry is awesome and smells good!
2. Moroccan Oil- I love this and use it right out of the shower and right before the "iron"

My Award for the Best Eye Products:
1. Dior Skinflash Radiance Booster Pen- this is my favorite! The budget friendly runner up is Neutrogena brightening eye perfecter 
2. Laura Mercier Caviar Sticks- these last forever
3. Bobby Brown concealer
4. Clinique All About Eyes Serum- this has a roller ball that works wonders- it is not very moisturizing, so I put eye cream over it but it works well on de-puffing!
5. Trish McEvoy Eye Base essentials - I have dark eye lids and this stuff is awesome to brighten them up and it makes shadow stay on forever!
6. Trish McEvoy Gel Eye Liner- this is seriously amazing- I can cry and it doesn't smudge- and it goes on so easily!
7. DIORSHOW New Look or Blackout Mascara

My Award for the Best Skin Care:
1.  Mask: Glam Glow, My friend Katie and I just started using this and LOVE it- I have noticed a real difference! 
2. Wash: Philosophy Microdelivery Exfoliating Wash- I cannot live without this- I keep it in my shower and love it! 

Miscellaneous Mentions :
1. Jojoba oil- this stuff is amazing for moisturizer (at night), with lotion, on hair, nails, etc... 
2. Vitamin E Oil- as previously mentioned, I mix this with my lotion every day- LOVE it! 
3. Vaseline Spray and Go- so convenient in a pinch or on a trip- for the whole fam! 


The Big 3-4!!!

Today is my 34th Birthday, I just love Birthdays- it is a celebration of LIFE!!! God-given LIFE!!! I thought I would share a little journal entry I scribbled for the Lord on my birthday (see below)- in hopes that it might bless someone or give someone a boost of encouragement today! XO 

{Here are some of the girls who celebrated with me! Such a great birthday!}

34 Years Lord, how can I thank you for this precious life you have given me? I am so grateful for the past- for the rough times, for the dark times, for the hard times- without those seasons I would not appreciate your grace, mercy, providence and the hope I have in You alone. Thank you for the precious good times- growing up in a loving family with everything I could ever want or need provided for me, for parents who worked so hard to provide for us, for pulling me out of my pit of sin and offering me redemption and an eternal relationship, for healing my daddy from cancer, for my amazing husband who I prayed so diligently for, for my sweet baby who is in heaven with you- because of him/her I appreciate my girls in a whole different way, for three healthy lovely ladies whom you have entrusted me with, for life experiences and jobs that helped shape the woman and mother I am. I am eternally grateful for the many people you have placed in my life- friends, family and foes- all have taught me so much about you and your perfect love. Loving easy people, loving hard people, loving mean people- points me straight to you. 
I am extremely expectant and excited for the years to come- none are promised but I have so much hope in the plans and future you provide. I pray for you to reveal yourself to us in a new way, I pray for you to make yourself known on this earth, I pray that I would point to you in all I do, I pray that I would point my girls straight to you, I pray that I would not blend in with the world but be a shining light for you, I pray for our Country- that we would return to YOU, I pray that you will return- rule and reign on this earth. I have no idea where you will take me in the years to come- I know there will be heartache, I know there will be pain, I know there will be joy, I know there will be undeserved blessings- hard times and blessed times, I am excited for both. For it has been in both of those seasons that you have revealed yourself to me in a new way. Times change, people change, circumstances change, seasons change..You never do. My hope and strength remain in you all the years of my life. Show me how to serve others, to love others, to support others, to provide for the needs of others less fortunate than I am. May I reflect on my 34th year and say “WOW Lord, look how far we’ve come”. Thank you for this birthday, for another year of blessings and growth- I celebrate You and the life You alone have given me. 

Here is one of my favorite Life songs to go along with it! 


The Fairy Finally Came!!!

It was a big day- Ellie lost her first tooth. After months of watching all of her friends lose their teeth- the moment came. Can I just say this- DRAMATIC- as I knew it would be! The pure drama of pulling the tooth was hilarious! We were at my friend Lisa's house and as she said- "there is a reason why they say- "It's like pulling teeth" which makes so much sense now! Naturally, I did not think she was going to let me pull it, so I was not prepared AT ALL! After putting the girls to bed I did a little search for "tooth fairy ideas" and...HOLY COW Y'ALL! I am not knocking you if you go all out for the fairy (you GO GIRL!!!)- but WOW....in my mind, they are dead baby teeth!!!! I cannot believe my eyes at all of the Pinterest ideas for the fairy. When I was a kid, I think I threw the tooth under the pillow in a baggie and woke up the next day to a quarter (is that right mom? I don't remember!) I am just sayin'.. WOAH! I do think the pillow or the little box or one of those things is a great idea- mostly because I think, if Ellie is sleeping and she nudges the tooth onto the ground, I will be crawling around in the middle of the night in the dark looking for that tooth!
I also didn't know how to answer her when she asked why the tooth fairy leaves some people $1, some people a toy, some get a book, some get $10- so here is what I said "mommy alerts the Tooth Fairy when you have a loose tooth and I get to put in an order for what I think is a blessing for you. Every family is different and the tooth fairy is great at knowing what each family wants." That is the best I could come up with without saying- "mommy and daddy would NEVER let anyone in our home in the middle of the night to sneak in your room, while I am at it, there is no physical way Santa can come down the chimney with gifts and the Easter Bunny does not come leave plastic eggs with candy and toys in our home. I just keep lying to my kids about this stuff in order to save the "magic" for other kids! haahaa whew- Bah Humbug!
I have one additional Tooth Fairy question- What do you do with that tooth when you swipe it from the room? I assume throw it away? Or flush it? I am certainly not keeping it- no one wants to look back and remember their dead baby teeth, right?

So, here is what I did- I got in the spirit and I found some glitter paint (THIS is great and really sheer) from the "craft box" (I don't even know if painting a dollar bill is legal- I assume it is) and I made the dollar sparkle- like the tooth fairy gave it to her (idea courtesy of my friend Lisa). I am going to have to keep a stash of dollars in the drawer- or I might switch it up every tooth- we will see! My friend Amy has a stash from the dollar store or Party City that she uses for the Fairy. By the time Milly looses a tooth, I will have this whole thing figured out for you I am sure! But for now...this is all I have!

Here are some of my favorite Tooth Fairy Ideas:
{This is great (LINK)- it inspired me to say "Ellie you better clean your room up or the tooth fairy will not be able to find your bed- she was ALL over it!}

{I love the pillow- This is cute}
{THIS is a darling idea- I am just not sure (FOR ME) if a) the kids will ever really care about the date they lost each tooth and b)if this idea is sustainable for 3 kids? (meaning, by the time Milly is losing teeth, will I really document each one?) Cute though!}

{THIS would not be NEARLY fancy enough for my girls- but I love the box idea (I like this simple one for boys or girls)- someone gave Ellie a gorgeous Mud Pie Fairy box when she was born that we used- not for sale anymore- but gorgeous! Anyway, it was helpful to have the box!}

{THESE are darling dolls}
{Can't leave the boys out- THIS is cute for a boy!}

I also asked my friends- who are a LOT better at this stuff than I am!!! Here are their ideas: (Thank you Amy, Amy and Sarah!)
5. Silvericious (apparently you can get Gold Coin Chocolates to go with this- found at Party City)

1. Set the alarm clock for the middle of the night so you don't forget
2. THIS is a darling pillow 

Well- that is my Tooth Fairy post for now- like I said, I am sure I will have all sorts of ideas by the time Milly is up there...or I might be throwing them in a baggie and slipping her a quarter! 
Either way- it was an exciting day!!! 


Mother's Day: 25 Things I Would Tell Pre-Mom Me!

In honor of Mother's day I decided I would jot down some notes to pre-mom Jenica. It was a fun exercise! :) OH to have more wisdom and insight! I can only imagine what I will want to tell myself 10 years from now- Lord Help us!

25 Things I Would Tell Pre-Mom ME:
1. Being a mom is a job...a hard one! Every.Single.Day.24 Hours
2. You will have various bodily substances on you at any given moment...and not be bothered by it.
3. Playdates are for moms...not kids!
4. You better give the control up to God now, it slips through your fingers each year they are alive...and that is okay.
5. You will have a mom blog- seriously, you are that girl!
6. Your laundry will NEVER END- go ahead and invest in the high capacity washer/dryer and bulk detergent
7. Give it up on the "no sugar" idea- just do your best to feed their heart/soul, mind, and body every day!
8. You will have a whole new appreciation for your mom
9. Do not judge other mothers- just don't
10. Do not be so anxious to "climb the ladder" soak up your pre-baby life and ENJOY your work
11. DO.NOT.GET.A DOG!!!!!!!!! I loved those guys- but I spent a LOT of time and money being tied down to those animals!
12. Save more money!
13. Wear a bikini
14. Travel- even if it is a series of weekend drives to nearby cities- just go!
15. Read a LOT of books...for fun!
16. Study The Word, get involved in a church, invest in people- someday you will have to get child care in order to do all of this!
17. Volunteer in the church nursery or babysit for a friend/family member for FREE! Not all of the time- but enough to bless others!
18. Purchase quality gear the first time- yes it might cost more money...but if you have more than one child, it is worth it.
19. Go easy on baby clothes/gear for 0-12 months- it goes really quickly!
20. YOU...yes YOU...will be a great mom! Just because you are not overly excited about other people's babies does not mean a thing. Holding YOUR baby in your arms is completely different!
21. Love and be kind to your mother-in-law! She has loved your husband a LOT longer than you have and she sacrificed and served for years to get him to where he is.
22. Be prepared to ditch your plan...life will rarely go as planned with kids!
23. You will be able to change a diaper, in 5 seconds, on your lap, with one hand!
24. Your neat little filing system and color coordinated closets and tidy drawers and spotless car....well, RIP!
25. You will know God's love for you in a whole new light- when you experience Him knitting together this precious gift in your womb (PS 139) and hold that miracle in your arms- you will have a small glimpse of the extent of our Heavenly Father's love for us. It is not like any other love you have experienced- your heart and soul is walking around outside of you and the only thing you can do is trust them to the only one who loves them more than you do.


There Is A Job To Do!

Well, the time has come! If I am being honest, I have been avoiding this for a long time. I read a ton of articles on "chores" and I know it is good to have the kids learn how to do things around the house- but frankly- I think it is horrible..not for them..for ME!!! It is just one more thing I have to hear them whine about, it is never efficient, it is never as lovely, etc.. I am just being honest with you. I know, I know.. as Ann Landers says, "It is not what you do for your children, but what you have taught them to do for themselves that will make them successful human beings." It is one of my favorite mom quotes- but there is just not enough time or energy in the day for this (see below, one of 5000+ chore charts found on Pinterest)
{image from HERE}

SO..I came up with a plan for US, because, at the end of the day, it has to work for our family and all of our gifts and personalities! I notice that Ellie (6) and Izzy (4) really LOVE "jobs" at school- who is the light helper? who is the line leader? who is the Husky Helper?, etc... So I thought, why don't I capitalize on their love for a "job" and assign jobs for the day instead of chores. It is a start, a foundation, that will hopefully grow into learning necessary skills around the house! 

Here is my plan: The girls get one "chore" job (although we don't call it that) and one fun job every day. (Sunday's are a day of rest- day off!) The "fun"job is always something that helps alleviate bickering, i.e. movie helper is great because they wont fight over who gets to choose a movie because the "movie helper" gets to pick! This is also a tool for consequence- if you are not doing your job as the laundry helper- you don't get to have a say on the music until you have done what has been asked of you. You get the idea. 
Here is what I chose FOR US- (the beauty is that it can change or grow each week- the element of surprise is great- they will never know what their job is the next day!)

1. Laundry Helper//Music Helper
2. Kitchen Helper//Movie Helper
3. Toy Helper (mess management)//Snack Helper 
4. Bed Helper//Mail Helper
5. Flower Helper (watering)//Book Helper
6. Light Helper//Bible Helper

Every family has a different set of priorities and issues- this is what will be helpful and manageable for us! I am not asking too much, but over the course of the week they will be learning new things and it is not going to be overwhelming for me to keep up with and enforce. 

To display the daily jobs, I thought I would use a white board and then...I found these: 
{Martha Stewart Home Office with Avery Decal- they come in dry erase and chalk- here is the dry erase:}

{Here is our little display- I chose the chalk decal- it is awesome- you stick it on most any surface and it will not remove paint, etc.. I want them in every room (self control Jenica!!!)}

That is it- simple and perfect for us! The girls are really excited for their jobs- Milly's job...for now...is just to survive the day! haahaaa


End of School/Teacher Appreciation Ideas

Here are some fun ideas and inspirations for End of School/Teacher Appreciation!

1. THIS is a great post for Teachers- take the time to read it, it is really great!
2. HERE is an article about what they do not want- and do want!
3. LilyCole Teacher Cards
4. You can never go wrong with a Starbucks Gift Card- or Target!
5. I love THESE tumblers
6. A Yummy Candle- make sure it is fabulous :) (there is nothing worse than a yucky candle or yucky lotion!) THIS is my favorite of course!
7. Speaking of Lotion...THIS is a great one!
8. THESE are great notecards
9. I would think a spa certificate (mani, pedi) would be great!
10. A cool journal like THIS, THIS, THIS
11. You can never have too many cool Kitchen Towels (or HERE)
12. THIS is a great idea- take a copy of Oh the Places You'll Go to the teacher every year and have them sign it for your child. I like THIS link- it has a little note you can give the teacher. My ONLY issue with this idea is I would guess that this would be a little annoying for the teacher- trying to wrap up school and get home to their family and they have 20 some books to write in (if everyone thought about doing this) but I think they would be happy to do it!

{Everyone likes a cool cup! }

{These Teacher Cards are my favorites!}

{You can get cool-custom notebooks and gift cards from May Books}


It's Delightful: MAY!!!

May is an EXTREMELY special month (in my mind)..it is my "birth month", it is the end of school (which is always fun), it means green grass and flowers, it is not too hot and not too cold (although we are expected to experience extreme May coldness in KC over the next few days), pool and lake seasons begin, Mother's Day, baseball, what is not to like about May?!?
THIS May is especially special to DelightfulMomStuff! On May 1 (today) we hit 1 Million Pageviews- (which is fun), our redesign will (hopefully) be done this month, I am launching a new sponsor section, and I have a bunch of fun ideas for this month! I was thinking of fun ways to celebrate this DELIGHTFUL month- so here it is! If you have a business, product, blog, website, etc.. that you would like to promote on here during the month of may- send me an email at {jenica@delightfulmomstuff.com} this is totally free and fun- just a way for me to get to know YOU and everyone else to get to know you as well! I am so excited to find fun new products/blogs/info! Who knows, we might have so much fun this will go into June! 

OK...here we go! Happy May! 
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