Summertime..and the livin' is easy!

I am 99% sure everyone knows about this great stuff, but just in case I wanted to share my top 10 summer kid items with you!
1) These might not be the prettiest things, but I love the "Puddle Jumper" for my kids when they swim. They are US Coast Guard approved and they really work. I like that they dont choke at the neck like a life jacket and they offer a lot more support in the water then the water wings.
2) Havaianas- the best kid flip flops (of course the adult ones are great too) Izzy had the cutest pair of silver "havs" last summer- how darling are these [gold] ones?! I am adding those to the wish list!
3) I wish I could afford every item from JCrew kids: Crewcuts. They have the most adorable clothing for kids- I adore this yellow swimsuit!

4) My oldest daughter was given this wonderful monogrammed tote from Lands End. It is perfect for summertime, you can load it up and if you leave it on the bench at the park or pool, it wont get mixed up with others. Another good option would be to monogram your last name on it for the whole family. These are great for airplanes too!
5) How darling are the monogrammed towels from potterybarnkids? I actually really love the Pottery Barn adult beach towels for kids. In my opinion there is nothing wrong with a giant towel for a kid to snuggle up in! Being a lover-of-simple I like these [click here]. One more thing, how cool are these [chaise cushion covers].
6) Call me "stuck in the 80's" but I am going to get hot pink Zinka for the girls this summer- they will rock hot pink noses and lips! On the sunblock topic, I use good old Water Babies sunblock for the girls. I let them put the sunblock on their legs and I do the rest. I always apply before swimsuits, that way they are not too excited to sit still outside and I get every inch.
7) I love fun sunglasses for kids, Gap has great ones check [these] out.
8) It is so much fun to switch into summer Pj's- I always grab some at Costco, they have awesome prices and they are usually 3-piece sets (pants, shorts and t-shirt). How delightful are [these] pj's from gap!
9) Bubbles, Bubbles and more Bubbles! Really, all bubbles are great. We have tried them all...and they really are all messy! I do like this no-spill big bubble bucket and Gazillion brand bubbles- but really they are all fun.
10) This is a classic, every summer, the sand/water table (although we never actually use sand). This is even great in the winter with snow! Get some sand tools (they work for water and snow too) fill this up with water and let them go at it! Any kind is fun, I always like Little Tikes for the quality on anything they make.


Oh Honey Honey!

You know I love natural, “God-created” products that help with a variety of issues. I have discussed cinnamon, vinegar, tea tree oil, green tea, etc.. and I will continue to add more along the way because I think it is great to use natural products when possible. We just never know the future effects of all of these crazy chemicals that are in everything! So, here are the top 10 things you need to know about honey! (side note: the article I found really liked the word "hence"- but a quote is a quote- so enjoy! :)
1) Sweetener: “Sugar can be substituted with honey in many food and drinks. Honey contains about 69% glucose and fructose enabling it to be used as a sweetener.” (http://www.organicfacts.net/organic-animal-products/organic-honey/health-benefits-of-honey.html)
2) Energy Source: “According to USDA, honey contains about 64 calories per tablespoon. Hence honey is also used by many as a source of energy. On the other hand, one tablespoon of sugar will give you about 15 calories. Further the carbohydrates in the honey can be easily converted into glucose by even the most sensitive stomachs. Hence it is very easy to digest honey.” (http://www.organicfacts.net/organic-animal-products/organic-honey/health-benefits-of-honey.html)
3) Weight Loss: “Though honey has more calories than sugar, honey when consumed with warm water helps in digesting the fat stored in your body. Similarly honey and lemon juice and honey and cinnamon help in reducing weight.” Read more about benefits of honey in weight loss. (http://www.organicfacts.net/organic-animal-products/organic-honey/health-benefits-of-honey.html)
4) Improving Athletic Performance: “Recent research has shown that honey is an excellent ergogenic aid and helps in boosting the performance of athletes. Honey facilitates in maintaining blood sugar levels, muscle recuperation and glycogen restoration after a workout.” (http://www.organicfacts.net/organic-animal-products/organic-honey/health-benefits-of-honey.html)
5) Source of Vitamins and Minerals: “Honey contains a variety of vitamins and minerals. The type of vitamins and minerals and their quantity depends on the type of flowers used for apiculture. Commonly, honey contains Vitamin CCalcium and Iron. Check for the vitamin and mineral content in sugar from any source, you will find it to be either nil or miniscule.” (http://www.organicfacts.net/organic-animal-products/organic-honey/health-benefits-of-honey.html)
6) Antibacterial and Antifungal Properties: “Honey has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties and hence it can be used as a natural antiseptic.” (http://www.organicfacts.net/organic-animal-products/organic-honey/health-benefits-of-honey.html)
7) Antioxidants: “Honey contains nutraceuticals, which are effective in removing free radicals from our body. As a result, our body immunity is improved.” (http://www.organicfacts.net/organic-animal-products/organic-honey/health-benefits-of-honey.html)
8) Skin Care with Milk and Honey: “Milk and honey are often served together as both these ingredients help in getting a smooth soothing skin. Hence consuming milk and honey daily in the morning is a common practice in many countries.” (http://www.organicfacts.net/organic-animal-products/organic-honey/health-benefits-of-honey.html
(recipes from honey.com)
9) Honey in Wound Management: “Significant research is being carried out to study the benefits of honey in treating wounds. Nursing Standard provides some of these benefits in the document - The benefits of honey in wound management. 1. Honey possesses antimicrobial properties. 2. It helps in promoting autolytic debridement. 3. It deodorizes malodorous wounds. 4. It speeds up the healing process by stimulating wound tissues. 5. It helps in initiating the healing process in dormant wounds. 6. Honey also helps in promoting moist wound healing.” (http://www.organicfacts.net/organic-animal-products/organic-honey/health-benefits-of-honey.html)
10) Cough Suppressant: Use honey to soothe coughs. Honey is an effective natural cough suppressant; however, do not give honey to children younger than 1 year of age. Mix 1 to 2 tsp. of honey into tea or into a glass of juice or warm water. Add a squeeze of fresh lemon juice to boost the effectiveness. A dash of white pepper in the honey solution will help clear mucous. Read more: How to Soothe a Toddler's Cough Without Medicine | eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/how_5072685_soothe-toddler_s-cough-medicine.html#ixzz1HwjGfgwn
NOTE: Never give honey to children younger than 1 year of age. Honey contains bacteria that produce botulism toxin, which can affect the baby's nervous system and may lead to death. Cough drops or lozenges can cause choking hazards in children younger than 3 years old. (How to Soothe a Toddler's Cough Without Medicine | eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/how_5072685_soothe-toddler_s-cough-medicine.html#ixzz1HwjGfgwn)


Baby Shower Guide!

It is nearly impossible to stay on top of the latest and greatest for baby gear! I was at dinner with my sister-in-law who had her baby (#3) in a great carrier, the Ergo. When I was buying gear, the Bjorn was untouchable, but this one was so great I wish I would have had the option when I had infants! I have a list on this blog of all of my favorite baby gear, but there are so many new products available that I was excited to find this list on coolmompicks.com. I stand by my list for the basics and I dont totally agree that every item on this list is necessary, however I am all for different opinions and this is a great one!  If you dont know about coolmompicks.com, check it out. Always great finds! Whether you are registering for gifts, shopping for yourself or purchasing a gift for someone else, these are great ideas. To make it even better, there are discounts through 2011 if you purchase them through their link. 


My Top Beauty Products for Summer (and spring)!

I know I already have a page on this blog for my favorite beauty products (check it out here), but I have so many new seasonal favs, I needed to let you know about them (there are some repeats too, because they are that good!) I love trying new products and new colors of make-up. If I can't splurge on a new outfit, a new lipstick will do for a pick-me-up! Here are some of my favorites that I am switching into now that summer is approaching (being in warm Arizona has allowed me to practice for summer!)
1. Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray I try not to blow dry a lot in the summer, I figure my hair gets enough heat in the sun. I blast my roots with a blow dryer and use this once it is dry for some definition
2. Trish McEvoy: Sheer Baby Pink or Sheer Milan: I have loved sheer baby pink forever and tried to get it last year only to find it was discontinued. I was so pumped when I read April's InStyle and found that it is not only back, but a "color of the moment"! Sheer Milan is BRIGHT, but I love it, and I really love that all of Trish McEvoy Lipstick is really glossy and has SPF in the lipstick and lipgloss.
3. L'Oreal Paris Eversleek Taming Creme Serum (Featured in April InStyle) I will do anything to fight the frizz, love that this is affordable, smells good and works!
4. Dior Tinted Moisturizer (Hydra Life Pro-Youth Skin Tint SPF 20) Although Laura Mercier is the most popular of the tinted moisturizers, I love this one. It is light, moisturizing and still offers great coverage.
5. Jo Malone Orange Blossom Cologne I love this fragrance and a bottle of Jo Malone lasts forever. I always get complements when I wear the Orange Blossom. Jo Malone has the best samples too, the sample bottle is a spray so it is really easy to use (and travel with)!
6. Nars lip gloss in Angelika I needed something fresh and bright on one of my routine trips to Sephora and I discovered this bright little beauty. I have loved it (my girls love it too!), I was pumped that the very color I have been flaunting was also featured in April In Style- another color of the moment.
7. Nars The Multiple in Orgasm (I had no intention of ever typing the word Orgasm on this blog, but alas, that is the name!) This is awesome, it can be used on cheeks, eyes, lips or body! Great for travel or throwing in a purse for a touch up! (perfect for wedding season!)
8. Essie Nail Polish in Sand Tropez  I like going into nudes after a winter full of dark colors, especially since I have neglected my nails this winter and intend on nursing them back to health this summer! (Beige featured in April InStyle)
9. Philosophy Microdelivery Micro-Massage Exfoliating Wash- this is my all time favorite face wash, I have been using it forever in the shower and love it!
10. Trader Joe's body lotion, Vitamin E Oil and Body Brush: I already posted about this, but they are essential for summer! Scrub off the winter skin!!! Read my article HERE


I'm Eating This Up!

I had the most amazing girls trip this past weekend- a very rare 48 hours without children- hanging with some of my favorite friends from college (thanks to my amazing parents for kickin' it with the kiddos so I could go reconnect and disconnect!) Anyway, I also had the chance to get some reading in and catch up on my magazines! Parents magazine did a list for their April 2011 issue which discussed the top ten places for kids to eat. I am sharing the list and the most important info; I was pleasantly surprised with this information, hope you are too! 
1. Jason's Deli: organic produce, nitrate-free lunch meat, whole-grain bread, only restaurant to ban high-fructose corn syrup and artificial colors in all of its food, side options are organic carrots, apple slices, fruit cup, they took soda off of the kids menu offering organic milk or apple juice, they even have an organic PB&J on whole wheat!
2. Cosi: lowest sodium content per dish of any of the places on this list, mini fruit cups, bag of baby carrots, any sandwich or pizza can be made on the light-colored whole-grain flatbread so kids cant tell it apart from the white stuff
3. Souplantation/Sweet Tomatoes: kids night with balloons and clowns, 55-foot salad bar (great way for kids to try new things), 8 soups, 3 pastas, 4 mixed salads, whole-wheat biscuits, low-fat muffins, fresh fruit, frozen yogurt.
4. Red Lobster: Four of seven kids menu options are seafood, garlic grilled shrimp skewer (my kids love things on a stick), sides are orange slices and steamed broccoli, low-fat milk, grilled chicken is also an option, LADIES check this: The recently remodeled locations include changing tables in the men's room!
5. Chipotle: a taco kit where kids can choose 3 ingredients and make their own tacos at the table, all dairy products are hormone free, most of the meat is antibiotic-free, each chain is required to locally source at least 50% of one product item, entire restaurant is peanut- and tree-nut free
6. Noodles & Company: swap more than 14 veggies and lean protein-rich foods, food delivered to table within 5 minutes of ordering, they give a fun noodle doodle notebook to kids.
7. Red Robin: Fun food: new grilled chicken Popsicle sticks, colored tortilla strips on salads, carrots and ranch, mandarin oranges, apples, any sandwich can be wrapped in lettuce or on a whole wheat bun, balloons, kid-size sinks in the restrooms of new stores, "Red" comes out on Tuesday nights
8. Mimi's Cafe: mouse-shaped pancakes, kids get free nibbler platter with a bib, cereal and orange slices, more than a dozen kid menu items and seven side picks, four kinds of milk.
9. Panera Bread: whole-grain bread, organic squeezable yogurt, apples, organic milk or apple juice boxes (Personal note: my girls love the soup and smoothies here!)
10. P.F. Chang's: family-style dining (2 entrees can easily feed a family of 4), you can replace oil or soy sauce for vegetable stock for a healthy cooking option, you can order chicken with the sauce on the side for plain eaters (Personal note: I also like Pei Wei for kids, same idea)

There you have it, I learned a lot from this list. They also did an article in the April issue about high chairs, apparently restaurant high chairs are covered with bacteria (big surprise). I was glad to be reminded to wipe them down with an antibacterial wipe because "scientists swabbed the seats and arms of high chairs in 30 restaurants, they found bacteria counts much higher than those on the average public toilet seat, even though the chairs all looked clean. Two thirds tested positive for potentially harmful bacteria, such as E.coli and MRSA." (Parents April 2011) Good reminder!


Guest Blog #4: Mommy Rest Time!

  In a recent study by the National Sleep Foundation (NSF), more Americans are getting less sleep.  In fact, 20 percent of Americans say that they are sleeping less than six hours a night.  When I read the results, I couldn’t help but wonder how many moms were included in the poll because God only knows that us moms get little sleep every night.   
  As the evening approaches, I ponder if maybe tonight might be the night that I will have uninterrupted sleep.  The answer is usually no, and of course, every night is full of surprises.  Baby Ava wakes up and wants to nurse at midnight, the 4 year old Elissa wants to snuggle at 2:00 am, the 6 year old Caterina had a bad dream and wants to sleep in our bed at 4:00 am.  I feel like I’m sleepwalking from one room to the other until I eventually stumble into my own bed to fall into a deep sleep and suddenly awaken by my oldest daughter Viana at 7:00 am to start the day.
  Don’t you remember those days in high school, especially during summer break or on the weekends when you would go to bed at 10 pm and wake up at 10 am or noon.  What a luxury!  Then one day, you fall in love, get married and have a beautiful newborn (or two) and realize that you will not sleep the same ever again – at least not consistently.   You are waking up every two to three hours; dark circles appear under your eyes; you don’t remember when was the last time you took a shower.  While the experienced mother tells you, “don’t worry, it gets better.”  You think to yourself, “it’s got to get better cause I’m not sure how much longer someone can go without sleeping.”  If you are lucky, the baby starts sleeping through the night.  That’s great news except that once the lovely baby grows and sleeps longer, you still have to tackle the kitchen, the family room and the laundry and attend to the other children.  You might catch the news, check email (and the blog) and oh, pay attention to your husband.  You’re exhausted.  You look at your watch – it’s 10:30 pm.  Jump to bed, pray and go to sleep in two minutes (unless your mind is still racing).
  So, how do we survive sleep deprivation and not just become one more statistic?  Turn it all off.  Schedule 15 minutes a day where you lie on the couch or in bed, close your eyes and empty your mind or pray.  The same way that our babies and toddlers need to nap, we need a nap so that we can get through the rest of the day.  My precious 15 uninterrupted minutes usually starts after lunch when my 4 year old Elissa is quietly coloring or watching Baby Einstein and baby Ava is taking her nap.  It’s quiet in the house, and I don’t check email or pick up the mess.  I just lie down and rest.  For working moms, this could be challenging, but the weekends are a great time to recharge and take your 15 minutes (or more) on Saturday and Sunday.  My advice is to guard your schedule!
  The Bible makes it clear that we need to take time to rest as a way to restore and recharge our bodies and souls.  In Matthew 11: 28, Jesus said “come to me, all you who labor and are heavy laden and I will give you rest.” As mothers, we carry a heavy load with all the joy and struggles that come with it.  Listen to our Lord’s words because He wants to help us with our workload and make sure we take the time to rest.  
Mercy Viana Schlapp is a mother of four daughters, political commentator and co-founder of Cove Strategies, a governmental and public affairs firm based in Alexandria, Virginia.  

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION/ Guest Blog #1: Healthy From the Inside Out

My awesome guest blogger Amy put together this information to elaborate on the previous post about immune boosting vitamins. Hopefully this will help clarify the function of a lot of them! Thanks Amy! 

An elderberry, or sambucus, is a fruit-bearing, deciduous shrub with at least 30 known species, most commonly found growing in the Northern Hemisphere. The elderberry shrub typically grows to about 10 feet (3 meters) tall and shows yellow and white blossoms in early summer, followed by deep blue or black berries which usually ripen around September. The berries are edible when ripe and have long been thought to have medicinal properties.
As an herbal remedy, elderberry is believed to possess therapeutic uses an anti-inflammatory, diuretic, and immuno-stimulant. When measured nutritionally against other berries, elderberries contain high concentrations of vitamins A and C and potassium.
Vitamin D
Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin that is considered to be important to the healthy function of the human body. Various types of Vitamin D are helpful in the bloodstream as well as in promoting healthy bone formation and maintenance. Vitamin D helps to regulate the absorption of other vitamins and minerals in the bloodstream.
Briar Rose (Rosa Canina)
The hips of rosa canina contain a wide range of vitamins and other essential nutrients. For example, the hips are quite high in vitamin C. They also contain vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, and K. Other elements include flavonoidstannins, polyphenols, vanillin, oil, and carotenoids. Each plays a valuable role in the human body.
One of the reasons rosa canina is valued is because of the high levels of useful vitamins in its hips. The fresher the hips are when they are consumed, the more vitamins and nutrients they can provide the body for absorption. Consequently, it is quite common for someone to make a concoction of the hips simply to get a good dose of readily absorbable vitamins. Even children can consume the hips, through a sweet, nourishing syrup called rose hip syrup.
Colloidal Silver
Colloidal silver is a suspension of tiny silver particles in water; a solid dispersed throughout a liquid base in this manner is known in chemistry as a colloidColloidal silver has a long history of use in the medical world, where it has been used as a topical antiseptic and internally as anantibiotic to treat many complaints and to boost immune health.
Fish Oil
Essential fatty acids (EFAs) are polyunsaturated fats that our bodies need but cannot produce. Therefore, they must be consumed through food or supplements. There are two families of EFAs: omega-3 and omega-6, which need to be consumed in a balanced ratio. The body must receive a balanced supply of omega-3 and omega-6 EFAs. This is important for brain and eye health among other health benefits. Fish is the primary food source of the omega-3s EPA and DHA, but Americans simply don’t eat enough fish on a regular basis. Fish oil supplements help this.
Probiotics are microorganisms such as bacteria or yeast that are believed to improve health. They are available in supplements and foods. The idea of taking live bacteria or yeast may seem strange at first. After all, we take antibiotics and use antibacterial substances to fight bacteria. But  our bodies naturally teem with such organisms. The digestive system is home to more than 500 different bacterial species. They help keep intestinal linings healthy and assist in breaking down food. Beneficial organisms are also believed to help regulate healthy immune response. This article was really helpful: http://www.webmd.com/digestive-disorders/features/what-are-probiotics


Guest Blog #3: Sweet Dreams!

The Good Nite LiteA friend introduced me to Good Nite Lite and it is the best kiddo night light I've seen!  My husband and I love this product! Our two year old daughter, Brynn, was somewhat inconsistent with her wake up time; some mornings it was 6:45 a.m., other mornings it was 7:15 a.m.  So when I heard about this amazing night light, I couldn't wait to give it a try!  Good Nite Lite plugs into the wall and glows like a blue moon when it's bedtime.  Parents can set a wake up time, much like an alarm clock.  At that given time, the moon will change to a sun.  It's a golden sun, but Brynn calls it an "Orange Sun!"  Our current wake up time is 7:45 a.m.  We've taught Brynn that if she wakes up in the morning and sees the blue moon then she needs to go back to sleep or play quietly in her crib (I leave a few books and a doll at the end of the crib).  Once she sees the sun, she can call for mama to come get her.  This new routine has been great and has made our mornings more consistent.  It gives me a little time to prep for the day, or if I'm extra tired I can doze until I get the call, "Mama, orange sun!"  It's really fun to hear her get so excited to see the "sun" in the morning!  Now that Brynn is potty trained, it's made life a bit more interesting!  Sometimes she calls me to use the potty before the sun is illuminated.  I want her to be able to use the potty, but I also don't want her to think it's a way to get out of her crib early.  She is allowed to go with mama to the potty, but since the blue moon is still glowing, she must go back to the crib and wait for the sun!  This system has worked great!  We don't have accidents and we don't veer from our night light routine!
The Good Nite Lite was featured on The View and CBS's The Doctors.  I haven't see this product in store, but it can be ordered from The Good Nite Lite website. http://www.goodnitelite.com/

Megan (San Francisco, CA) 

Guest Blog #2: She's Crafty!

I am always on the hunt for great crafts to do with my children. I believe
creating things teaches them that they can make something out of very
little, and it also gives them the opportunity to "run wild" with their
creativity. The important thing to remember when your children are very
young: try not to bring too much to the craft table. It overwhelms the
children and then you run the risk of having a massive cleanup. One of my favorite projects I have done with the kids is painting and decoupaging on blank, white, wrapped canvas. You can buy these canvas boards at any craft store and they come in a variety of sizes.
I recommend doing the project in stages. Have everything ready, but set it all up on a different table than the project table (which, by the way, should be lined with a vinyl or washable tablecloth).

Stages of project and Setup:
1) Find some colorful tissue paper and rip it up into small pieces. Also
find some colorful pages of a magazine or other paper. Pour some Mod Podge
into a little cup. Give each child a sponge brush or small paint brush. Tell
them to paint Mod Podge wherever they want on the canvas and place the
ripped up colorful paper on top of the Mod Podge. Encourage them to also put
paper on the sides of the canvas. Before you bring out the next round of
supplies, try to stall a few minutes so the Mod Podge will dry a bit. One
idea is to have them start peeling off the Mod Podge from their little
fingers. :)
2) Find some glitter or sequence or cut up a few pieces of pretty yarn. Have
them Mod Podge some of these fun things on the canvas as well.
3) While the Mod Podge dries for a bit, set up a paint and marker station.
Let them finger paint and/or use markers on the canvas. Challenge them to
apply color wherever they see white spaces. Ask them to draw little people
or animals or their name...kids draw the cutest little things. Try to not
let them paint TOO much, for then it all blends together into a dark brown
4) Clean up time!
Kids part is over, but parents: your job is not finished yet. Apply Mod
Podge underneath any loose paper or accessories to make sure it will really
glue down. Let it dry for 30 minutes or so. Once dry, apply a few layers of
Mod Podge over the entire canvas. It serves as a "coating" for your
creation, ensuring all of the paper and accessories will really stick down,
and provides a glossy finish.
Then, write or type on a tiny piece of paper the name and age of the child
who made it. Cut out that piece of paper and apply it to the bottom of the
creation with....you guessed it...Mod Podge (apply it underneath and on top
of the piece of paper). We have our children's canvas projects hanging in
our bedroom. It adds a splash of color and it always brings a smile to my
face thinking of the fun time we had creating it.

Maggie (mom of 2, Olathe, KS)


Guest Blog #1: Healthy From the Inside Out

I’m so excited that Jenica invited me to be a guest blogger! I have learned so much from her blog already and am happy to contribute. I encourage moms to be real…we all need each other in this fun, yet challenging journey called mommyhood!
I am a big believer in being healthy from the inside out, especially with my kids. Many times we can avoid sickness just by what we put into our bodies. If our immune systems are healthy, clean, and strong then we can ward off many of the illnesses that we are bombarded with every day.
Every morning we have “vitamin time” and I pull out our little box of immune-boosting goodies. I try to make it fun for the kids with silly sounds and names. They really get into it and love getting their sprays, drops and tablets.
Here’s a list of our goodies. You can find most of these items at your local health store or stores like Whole Foods, Sprouts, etc. Don’t worry…it can be a little overwhelming at first so just pick a few to start with and then add more in to your regimen as you get more comfortable.
For flu prevention in the winter months:
Influenzinum – These are tiny white tablets for older children who can chew well. Give 4-5 daily for seven days and then once a week through the winter season.
Influenza – This is a spray that is best for toddlers. Give two squirts daily.
Oscillococcinum – Jenica mentioned this in a previous blog entry. It comes in a variety of forms at the store. Just ask someone to direct you to it.
For every day immune boosting:
Elderberry – 1 teaspoon daily. There is a kid version available called Sambucus Kid Syrup.
Vitamin D drops – 200 I.U. daily for kids. I found a kids version by Solaray that tastes like bubble gum.
Briar Rose – ½ dropper daily. This tastes yucky to kids so I recommend hiding this in a drink or, as I do with my older child, have them chase it with juice or milk.
Coloidal Silver – ½ dropper daily. This has no taste. The brand I use is called Sovereign Silver.
Fish oil caplets – 4 caplets for older children; 2 caplets for younger children. My kids love the strawberry Nordic Naturals Childrens DHA Cod Liver Oil.
Fruit and Veggie vitamin – 3 for older children; 2 for younger children. This helps put my mind at ease that my kids are getting some fruit and vegetable nutrients every day. I use Animal Parade, but you can also order Juice Plus from a rep.
Pro-biotic – Give a ½ teaspoon to 1 teaspoon daily in food or drink. There are many varieties available. Most of them work great. Just ask someone to direct you to it.
Happy immune boosting!


Be Our Guest!

In honor of spring break (and my 2 weeks basking in the Arizona sun- and by basking I mean playing with my kids outside instead of inside!) I have asked several smart mamas to guest blog for me this week. I have already learned so much by reading their articles, I know you will too! If any of you ever have good products or tips, feel free to contact me, I love guests! Have a fabulous week- God Bless You!
Welcome to Delightfulmomstuff guest mamas!
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