Spring Break Recap!

Here is a little snapshot of our trip to Scottsdale where we have been for the past 2 weeks warming up over spring break!

{3 kids/1 mom we made it! We arrived at 10:30pm KC time- I took the "if you travel at bedtime the baby will sleep" gamble- didn't work out for me- Milly not only didn't sleep, she was pumped! These two are literally pros- I would fly anywhere with them!}

{First things first...we hit the pool! The girls couldn't wait to swim!}

{3 of the 6 McMaster cousins live in AZ- (they have 9 cousins all together- all under the age of 9- such fun!) Anyway, we love Liam, Ewan and Bennett and had so much fun hanging with them!}

{Hangin' on the golf course- we loved being outside after this winter!}

{For the first time in 6 years, I got to do this...Milly napping, E&I swimming and me laying out reading a magazine- amazing! That High School Lifeguarding is really coming in handy!}

{Dinner and Ice Cream with the cousins!}

{We lived in AZ for 3 years before moving to KC and we LOVE our friends there- this is London, Ellie's first friend- so fun to see them together and still loving each other!}

{Here they are right before we moved!}

{Dinner with the AZ buddies!}

{The Phoenix Zoo is great- the kids had the best day!}

{Ellie on a Camel- she wanted to ride alone!}

{Izz and I on the Camel!}

{This is how Milly enjoyed the Zoo!}

{Ellie and Liam did the Zipline- I was surprised Ellie walked up there without me and did it- no fear! Love it! Izz wanted to go but of course she isn't heavy enough.}

{She LOVED the carousel!} 

{Ice Cream...lots of it!}

{The chix!}

{Our precious Aunty J (Ellie's godmother) was in town- she is amazing- it was so much fun to see her! Clearly the girls are nuts about her!}

{Swimming, Swimming, Swimming!}

{We were missing daddy, so we sent him a pic!}

{Ellie made this for her dad complete with a Starburst taped on for him}

{As much as we missed Dave, I kept seeing things like this from KC...so I tried to move our flights back 3 different times- no luck- we had to go home and face the snow- not happy about it!}

{Last night...soaking it up}

{Then...sniff sniff...we had to head home! Here is our little row on the plane- the girls did great on the flight- we had a blast! HERE are some of my flying tips}

{This is what we returned to- wearing flip flops in snow! It was gusting snow- 37 degrees- DEPRESSING! I need to go back until KC weather shapes up! }

{However...there is a bright spot to living in Kansas...}

{Rock Chalk Jayhawk...Isn't March Madness fun!}

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