Random Thoughts/Information/"Sunday" Recap

Hi I have some random thoughts today that I just think you are dying to know (haha)! Here it goes:

1) I am REALLY excited about my first ever give away starting this Saturday Dec. 1- I have some good items..My favorite things! 
2) I just need to tell you one of my issues of this season- it is a STRONG dislike of mine when people write XMas- Christmas is the celebration of CHRIST's birth- deliberately taking the word Christ out is not honoring to him..I am just going to say that. I just really take issue with it- so there you go! Merry Christmas! :)
3) I am gearing up for Milly's first birthday on Friday- I cannot believe she is One- holy smokes! 
4) Is anyone else bummed by the "Black Friday" and "Ciber Monday" deals? I was all pumped up and ready to get my Christmas shopping (and I shop for the girls birthdays too) done- and there were no good deals- I am sorry but 20% is not a smokin' deal when we know it will be 60% off on December 26th! 
5) Since I didn't do a Sunday Recap this week, here is a little recap from last week for you! Thank you for letting me get all of that off my chest! :) 

{Here is my little cooking assistant for Thanksgiving- she helped me knead the dough for Grandma B's homemade noodles- they were so yummy!}

{My mom sets a mean table- I like the cooking, she likes the decorating so it is a good team!}

{Our little family on Thanksgiving!}

{The chix on Thanksgiving!}

{Pops on Thanksgiving- they love him!}

{Family football on Thanksgiving- the kids LOVED it. The weather was amazing the week of Thanksgiving- Praise God!}

{The football action}

{We left for a little trip to my home town the day after Thanksgiving and after I loaded the girls in the car I went back in and guess who came riding back to town? Eddy! They love looking for this little guy every day! Dave's coworker wrote the "Eddy note" this year- they went nuts!} 

{be still my heart...love this little one-year-old! This growing up thing is happening WAY TOO FAST!}

{I tried to get some pics at the cabin- Milly was so pumped to be standing with the sisters!}

{It didn't last too long!}

{Our little fam at the cabin!}

{We got to hang with our buddies in my home town (their mom is my oldest (not age... years!) friend)- I have never met anyone who "desires the fancy" more than Izz...Except Mia (on the end) she and Izz are fancy ladies!}

{We got to see Grandma- if anyone can get Milly to want to eat..I figured she could! My girls ADORE her! (yes, we use the Bumbo, no I am not afraid she will get hurt, Please do not send hate mail, we love that thing!}

{This is a must- the girls make my grandmother push them around on her walker- she is a trooper!}

{This sums up the long weekend- we got in the car to drive home and this happened in 4 seconds- she was exhausted!!!}

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  1. Looks like a great Thanksgiving! People need to get over your Bumbo - it's awesome!!


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