It's ALL Delightful...and Random!

I am in a random mood- and I have a lot to share..apparently! So here you go- everything delightful on my mind! 

{Thanks to my new app Beep & Boop (read my article HERE) the girls have been HAPPY to do little things around the house to earn their "beeps"- I have not folded one towel since downloading the FREE app- love it! Ellie is working toward 15 "beeps" and would like new markers and a coloring book and Izzy is working toward 15 "beeps" for chocolate ice cream!}

{This time of year I get dry itchy skin! I wrote about my routine HERE- I like the body brush in the shower and I still LOVE Trader Joe's "A Midsummer Night's Cream" (but any lotion will do) and in the summer I love Vitamin E oil with lotion- but I just started mixing a bit of Aquaphor with my lotion right after shower and it is awesome! The Aquaphor alone is greasy and hard to rub in- but a bit with your lotion...delightful!}

{Random side note, look who is climbing on EVERYTHING (Busted!)- the only thing exciting about the "into everything" phase is I have high hopes to fit in my pre-baby jeans soon- because there is no sitting down during the next year!}

{Moving on...I get sick of giving juice- I usually don't despite being asked at every meal- so lately, I keep a pitcher of water with "something yummy" in it and we drink it during the day. That way I know how much water we are drinking AND it is YUMMY! The girls like it as much as juice- I like to use oranges, lemon, limes, cucumbers, tangerines, fresh mint- you name it!}

{I just think this is such a pretty cake- from thecakeblog.com...I think I would like to learn how to decorate cakes someday- I mean...fully go to school and LEARN! stay tuned...maybe I will do a blog about it when my kids are grown- delightfulcakestuff.com, hmmm- ha!}

{Finally...we lived with my parents for a period of time and there is one item I am literally grieving- I honestly believe I might start dipping into my children's savings accounts to afford this item- because I cant live without it! (ok...I am not going to dip into their very minimal savings- but if they had enough..I would be tempted, haahaa wait...do I sound like the Federal Government? OH, JUST KIDDING! 
Anyway, if you have $500 sitting around I need you to know that the Vitamix is worth EVERY PENNY! It is amazing- yes, it is just a blender- but it is amazing! My girls had no idea they were drinking spinach because this machine grinds it so finely- it is just wonderful! That is all I am going to say about that...if you can...get one! PS my mom doesn't know this (well, she does now) but I secretly borrowed her's this week while she is traveling and will have it clean and ready for her to return- but ahhh, so delightful!}

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