STORYBOTS...Must Check Out!

Hi Friends, I am checking in quickly to tell you about a new website I found- StoryBots-
Here is what you will find:
1) Darling robot videos teaching the ABC's and words that start with each letter
2) This site is owned by Jib Jab (I have already discussed Jib Jab HERE and Jib Jab Junior HERE) Anyway- they have darling videos with the kids face in the "robot" character- Jumping on the Bed, Row Your Boat, Alphabet Song and Mulberry Bush- SO MUCH FUN!
3) They have a Beep and Boop App, where you can reward kids with "Beeps" or "Boops" Fabulous idea!
4) Activity Sheets- tracing letters, coloring sheets, word finding and connect the dots
5) You can make a custom Story book- there is a free App you can download for this

Bottom line....Please go check it out- my girls LOVE it and there is nothing on there that is in any way inappropriate- which is refreshing! SO SO SO excited about this! AND...ITS FREE!!!

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