Wisdom: If I could change one thing I did or did not do when my children were babies/toddlers, I would change...

I am sure we will all look back and be able to find something we would change about our parenting, but what a gift to be able to learn from others! 
-JM: I will speak for the infant phase with my first child: I wouldnt have been so anal with other people sticking to my rules. I would have allowed them to enjoy my baby and my baby to enjoy them! This applies especially to in-laws- they will not ruin anything you have worked toward when they keep or hang out with your child- even if they break all of your rules. I wish I would have “chilled out” with my mother in law and allowed her to enjoy my girls without her being stressed that she was “doing it wrong” in my eyes. Now that she has passed away, I would love to redo that.
-CB: Oh goodness, I would probably do a lot of things differently.  At the age of 24/25 I just went with instinct and a lot of prayer.  I did like schedules and I did like my "rest time" when they went down for an afternoon nap.  That was key for me.  Whether it was 30 minutes or an hour of sleep, reading, etc.  I had to have that time with no kids, no phone, just quiet to make it through the 2nd half.
-CC: I definitely think when you have babies at home that you have to give yourself a break every week, or every couple of weeks for an hour or so and have some "girl" time with your friends!
-JS: Not worrying about what everyone else was doing with their kids or how others were progressing.  Children are individuals and no cookie cutter plan works for everyone.
-SS: I can’t say that there is anything I would change. I am far from perfect and am grateful for Gods grace. I probably didn’t teach my boys to put down the toilet seat so they don’t. I was lazy in some of those etiquette areas. I think we had a fun house great family vacations. Erica would say that she loved Saturdays because we worked outside as a family in the yard an ate sandwiches on the front porch for lunch. I love that that is a favorite memory. I know I have friends who love in the place of regret with their kids . I think that is why god gives us grandkids
-BF: I would probably change the "attention" I gave to my spouse.  I was probably too caught up in parenting and perhaps forgot I was first a wife.
-MH: My priorities
-BM: I lost my temper too much
-AA: To just enjoy the moments with them, probably read more to them and not be so scheduled for my own activities, bible studies, tennis groups, etc.  Knowing that the one on one time with your kids before they go to school is priceless and you can never get it back.
-SC: I wish I would have enjoyed each season more than I did at the time. There is so much wonderment in each season, as moms we get to caught up in all of the little things- we don’t take time to enjoy the season we are in. Enjoy EVERYDAY even when it is hard.

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